Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paparazzi on Princess Cindyrina : The Princess who overdosed

Paparazzi spotted Princess take out 'Kana fish bento set' for her Friday lunch!!!
Close informer mentioned, this kana fish bento set came all the way from Japan through her PA.

Paparazzi have to fork out huge air fares just to follow Princess since she decided to have lunch at Kesington

A Starter - Wild mushroom soup with garlic bread

Kesington special brewed coffee while waiting for her lunch at Kesington

Princess decided to go party tonight???
She still can accommodate for latte.... mmmmm...careful princess you might overdose with caffein!

Here goes Princess main course... pan fried dory fish with herbs and top with light salsa, wedges potatoes (not frozen one ok! this is specially made, mixed veggies)

Deep fried squid with cajun spice and top with golden crispy garlic

Paparazzi spotted rose carved from carrot garnishing on Princess plate....Wow! roses for princess on her plate....Princess really get a royal treatment in Kesington

Flew back to Malaysia and have this 'Otak Otak' a fish paste mixed with chillies,coconut and other herbs and wrap it in coconut leaves and grilled it.

Princess all time favourite...the Nasi Lemak

Close source mentioned, Princess was very pissed off because her nasi lemak doesn't taste up to her expectation and vow will never order that again...

Oh! this is the 'Otak Otak' unwrapped!...huhuhuhu SPICY!!!!

Local vegies with spicy tangy sauce for appertizer

another pissed off moment when her hand picked fish over cooked...hahahaha this call Fish in Black!!!

Ah! this one call 'Balitung' one type of seafood...sssrrroooottt sssrrrooot that is how Princess eat this...mmmmmmm

All time Princess favourite...Squid with tumeric and ginger....

Overdosed of seafood over the weekend... Princess decided to postpone her full body medical check to another month!!!!! you know why, right??????

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