Monday, March 5, 2012


Wan from cooking-varieties just tagged me....ah! suddenly feel like real celebrities....ehemmm...
I don't really know about this tagged game.
I don't think I want to tag anybody too....
Anyway, I want to give a try for harm....
Here are my simple answers from the Wan questions :

1. Do you really enjoy blogging?
I enjoy it very much because this is my only diary.

2. Is blogging your hobby?
Yes. One of my hobbies.

3. How many hours a day do you spend on blogging?
Normally, less than half hour. I try replying to all comments in my blog at daily basis. I normally blog my entry at weekly basis and during weekend , reason being my weekday daily life is so hectic. Limited time for my hobbies.

4. Mostly do you cook or buy ready made food?
Of course I buy! Cooking is too troublesome for me.

5. Name your favourite flower? Why
Wild orchids. Same like me wild but still mild! (what the heck am I saying.....duh! they are pretty in their own way)

6. Name one or ten of your favourite food(s).
Nasi Lemak.... anything spicy!

7. Do you follow a disciplined diet or just talk only?
I only follow during weekday but whack everything I like during weekend.

8. What kind of knowledged would you like to expand?
Business and IT

9. What kind of dream keeps you energized  / motivated?
My travelling plan and food I like.

10. How do you like your fish done?
Pan fried or grilled and the fish need to be well marinated with herbs and spices.

11. Cooking tips?
Me? Oh!!!!! I can eat well....hehehehehe not cooking!!! I am one person who can blow up the microwave just to reheat a cup of 3 in one coffee... tips??? me???? dare not!

12. In you opinion what is the best to eat daily, for good health. Name one, maximum two food ingredient(s) only and why?
Fruits and veggies.  Food ingredients will be garlic and pepper.

 12 Fun facts about me :
1. My Life Quotes - Life is extreme and it is no joke

2. Favourite food -Anything spicy and hot

3. I love to watch korean drama and variety shows whenever I feel sad

4. I love to read business magazines  & historical book .(doesn't sound fun at all huh?)

5. I  am to live in my own world.

6. I think I can cook but the fact...I don't cook!

7. I love travelling favourite place is Beijing, Hanzhou, Suzhou, China

8. People thought I am funny but I am not... I am just crazy eheh....

9. I love to eat....but I still try to control it for my health purpose

10. People always thought I am younger than my age.... hehehe the secret is ....I am very much old woman

11. I left the whole office chaos due to my sign off as 'Ribena' instead of Rina in one my monthly announcement. Damn!!! They call my 'Ribena' until now. Damn!!!

12. My favourite place is always Grocerries section in mall... don't ask me why...I don't know why...just love that place because of the food section??? maybe?

There you go my tagged answer....

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