Saturday, April 14, 2012

Phuket Trip - Day 2

Coffee to re charge myself

Toast for breakfast...hehehehe forgot to snap before ugly picture kakakaka...

Omelet.... every time I order my omelete, I will end up get 2 portion of in Phuket I end up eating too many eggs....

I am the first one they pick up from all alone and start cam whore huwahahahahaha....
My adventure for today...
2 hours drive to Phangnga...
Monkey feeding...
Elephant feeding
Flying fox
White Water Rafting
Swimming at waterfall
ATV riding in the jungle
then go back hotel with good memory huhuhuhuhuhu...enjoyyyyy!!!

This is where people feed the monkey...ooooooo...

I don't want to feed them...stingy me!!!!

Monkey thirsty....pity monkey!!!

Mummy monkey, baby monkey and baby monkey again and Daddy monkey???

Tadaaaaaaaa.... monkeyyyyy!!!!

see the Buddha inside the cave!!!!

monkey again

itchy butt monkey!!!!!

 ewwwww... dirty monkey!!!!

the buddha!!!

more statues

inside the cave

phuket cat

old man statue in the cave


monkey again

baby monkey adorable and pitiful too..

baby monkey hugging my tour leader...even cry when people leave him...poor baby!!!!
This monkey we met during my flying fox and elephant feeding session which about 5 minutes from the monkey place just now

time to swim at waterfall

the Singaporean group together with me in this tour

get wet baby!!!!

beautiful view in the jungle

time to get wet again for water rafting.... I like!!!!

time to ride the ATV... too bad for safety reason...can't bring camera while riding in the jungle

rest room at ATV camp


wanna ride this one!!!!
The end of my day time adventure on second day...back to hotel for my night loitering near
 KATA !!!!

see the big Buddha head up there .... I pass through this everyday because I can see this from my hotel.... nice!!!
I will visit on my 4th day in Phuket!!! I am coming soon!!!!!

Feel like wanna go swimming but Princess don't know how to swim..aiishhhh....

coming to dark... time for dinner

sunset soon...Princess going out hunting for dinner

Time to go out again!!!!

Pancake everyone for starter!!!!

next stall selling corn

pancake ready!!! order chocolate!!!!

coconut drink for dinner

simple salad for dinner

here go my main course...prawn skewer!!!!

and grilled squid!!!!

End of my 2nd day in phuket!!!
Tomorrow will be sea and island adventure!!!!

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