Saturday, April 21, 2012

Phuket Trip - Sun Tanning Session and Finale

Second last day ...picnic at Kata beach...

Pay 100 baht and you get to sit on this lazy chair whole day by the beach

I don't think..I need anymore sun tanning session... under the umbrella whole day...dare not jump into the sea under this hot sun.
Ooopppsss!!! I did for 30 minutes when I decided to ride the jet ski for 1500baht...Whoa!!!! Princess totally full of activities this time....

At night...came back to the beach for grilled seafood dinner...

while everybody with their own partner and whoever.... me enjoying my cam whore session while waiting my food to be served.... kekekekeke

Cute grilled prawns

spicy thai sauce.... like it!!!

cute grilled crab

plate of grilled squid...

2 pieces of grilled prawns

plate of grilled octopus

Princess ...whack all the food by herself.... wakakakakaka... the feeling....just like a final meal!!!

still have room for a final dessert

i need a pancake


The thing I brought back home from Phuket... and thats it!!!! Princess don't feel like shopping at all... just need to eat and eat and eat...

cup of illy coffee at Phuket airport

cam whore while boarding....10:25am departure time

some of them experience delayed since as early as 5:00am due to tsunami alarm!!!

My next adventure is something I look forward to...
I have no idea!!!!
Just wait and see....

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