Thursday, May 31, 2012

Centrio SOHO

I am looking for SOHO office for hiding place.
(eheh...the hiding part is just my fantasy)
Well I called the first agent for weekend appointment.
The first agent sounds very not convincing.
I called for Second Agent who sounded more professional.

First agent
- arrived late like a diva with BMW
- only have one unit in hand and ask me to climb the 'bloody' staircase when the weather is freaking hot.
- price mark up like crazy just because of this place is facing to pool - fengshui price that what he said.

Second Agent
- arrived on time
- more humble
- he gave me 3 options
- the price is reasonable and all negotiable

Verdict - I will deal with second agent only.
The property not for me but for one rich fella , I know.
I can't even afford if they offer to sell just a toilet in that unit.

Total conclusion after viewing the surrounding, personally I don't like the outside due to many constructions and massive crowded.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My flat rebonding effect... head so itchy cannot stand so I wash it the next day....

Grilled Seafood Spagetti @ Ben's

Red Curry Duck Rice - my friend's choice @ Ben's

Honey Lemon for my throat

My friend's choice last weekend - Salted Fish Chicken steamed rice

The worst ABC - Old Town Coffee @ Bangsar South

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

USD256.75 burnt

I purchase one item cost me USD256.75 from UK.
I waited for almost 2 weeks for item to reach me.
Last Sunday night, when I checked the tracking the status is...
Reached Custom - Items destroyed immediately due to unauthorise article inside.
I know what I bought!!!
Me was like WHAT?????
My USD256.75!!!!!
Uwaaaaaaaa... so bad!!! so bad!!!!!
Ask me first la at least....
The website never mentioned such thing.

Previously, the Malaysian Custom make me travel all the way to their office in SEPANG just because they thought I am Nigerian....yeah yeah my full name is a bit unique and unusual for my race though!

Huh!!!! I have to work hard again to cover back my losses.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Grapes, Mobile phone and my girlfriend

Last Friday , girlfriend and I went for a nice dinner at KLCC.
We both shared some new menu at Ben's.
Right after we went for some window shopping.
From Window shopping then both attracted to one particular handbag....hehehee
At first both wanted to buy at instant.
Oh well...since both from Finance and accounts background, then both decided to walk further to find other bargain.
Oh well.... after long hours walking...both decide not to buy.
So we are back to Window Shopping concept again.

Then both decide to go down to groceries section. girlfriend and I notice many ladies swamping at mangoes and grapes section.
Out of sudden...I find my girlfriend went missing from my side...
There she is... among all those Aunties choosing the RM5 Australian grapes.
Aiyooooo... I said to myself .
I just stand at one side like a mannequin waiting for her.
She came back with more and more and more and more grapes and ask me to choose the best one for her.
Me choose the grapes for her.
Then both proceeded to another section.
I asked my friend what time is it since I notice so many counter starting to close one by one.
She told me 7:30pm.
I feel weird...then look at my mobile phone clock.
Ah!!! 8:30pm la woman, I told her.
Then I notice my friend frantically searching for her mobile phone.
mmmm... we realize the mobile phone gone from her handbag pocket.
I tried to call her mobile phone after long ring than one man voice answer and hang up.
I called again and this time the line disconnected.
The mobile phone officially got stolen and we believe it is during the grapes hunting session when she was among those crowd.
The mobile phone was with her after we get out from the restaurant.
I was watching her from far and I really can't see anything suspicious at all.

We slowly put back all the items that we suppose to buy and end up went to the telco company to cancel her telephone line.

There you grapes and no mobile phone for my friend.
She came to office this morning with her brand new mobile phone and also number.

iPhone mobile case at low price

Friday, May 25, 2012


I woke up with no voice..yesterday morning.
Wake up???
Eeerrrrr... sleepless night on the night before due to itchy throat...
Damn!!! that bloody germs...Ah!!! me learn how to swear and need to increase my swearing vocab..eheh!!!

End up in clinic and force to stay at home although I insist to Doctor I just want the medicine to clear my throat not the MC.
AH!!!!! Doctor others are dying for MC and you are dying to not having it.

Doc : I will give you drowsy medication, you better stay at home and sleep well.
Me : OK.

Don't want to argue with you la doctor...

Reached home , took the non drowsy medication and hesitate to swallow the drowsy one because I hate to stay on the bed.

Evil me...mmmm lets go to saloon instead.
You need to have a nice hair to boost up the confidence level...

I am at saloon....spending almost 6 hours for rebonding....hahahaha...
I reached back home almost 7:30pm.

My hairstylist comment after the rebonding effect...

Hairstylist : Whoa!!!! see your hair so smooth and straighten like 'Pantene' model. This one ar...even flies also cannot stay on your slippery,horrrr!!!

Me : Yalor!!! that fella fly yeng yeng yeng....then reach my hair and aiyoooooooooo.....plooopppppp...slip down and die...kekekekeke...

The people in the saloon was like huwaaaahahahahahahahahaha... like that oso can ar this amoy!!!

Me only shy...making this joke with my 'pondan' voice.
Sore throat ma!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Princess's Fake Pregnancy

This is the prank I always played when I get really boring...

Once I met with this banker...O she came to my office to promote corporate banking services and bla bla....
On lazy day me will wear loose long dress (oversized) to office. Look like pregnant lady....totally and it is no joke...

Banker : Oh Wow!!! Miss Rina, how many month?
Me : huh?
(then quickly realise she is looking at my body....ahhhh!!! she thought I am pregnant???)
Me :What month??? (pretend don't understand her)
Banker : You are expecting soon....
(don't want to embarass her plus I think this will be hillarious if I play along and also can brush up on my acting skills to)
With on hand support my back...
Me : Oh!!! this???
pretend rubbing to my belly....on the air rubbing coz my belly don't show that big though...(it is true)
Banker : Yeah!!! when are you going to give birth????
kekekekekeke.... I like this play...
Me : Oh! end of this year.
Banker : Boy or girl??/ 1st baby???
Oh!!! she sounded anxious to know....what a pity if I tell her I am single and this is actually a belly without baby ....Oh!!! baby worm may be....
Me : Ah!!! hubby and I want to surprise third child..
Banker : Owwwhhhh!!!! happy couple
Me : We are.....happy!!!! that is why our third is coming soon...
Banker : Congrats Miss Rina! See you and wish you well
Me : You too...
in my heart sorryyyyyyyyyy..... I just don't want to embarass you.
You start the play first and I just play along...

WICKED prank!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cosplay weekend

Cosplay joke this band totally sound like that cartoon in the TV show singing...

They gather since early in the morning
 still early and many still in the midst of setting up
this event happening at Tropicana City Mall.... full of anime character!!!!

hehehehe got soldier too

school girls

japanese doll singing...she is from Thailand

sailormoon not transform yet hahahaha

time to rejuvenate....with Thai Massage..... the masseur was like Mem!!! your shoulder very hard very hard me was like isk isk isk.... hurt hurt hurt very hurt worrrr!!!!

pedicure time right after the massage.... whoa!!!! really know how to pamper myself hor!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gallstones Delivered

Good morning!!!1
Monday monday!!!
Everybody have a 'heavy heart' to Monday.
Me too...

I delivered my gallstones on Sunday morning.
Counted 7 altogether. Big and small in size of 5 sen coins.

The most suffering moment during this regime is when I drank that Epsom Salt with warm water.
OMG!!! its bitter.
I have to drink twice. One at 6pm and another at 8pm.
I throw up for 6pm one and try to hold on tight for the 8pm.
Between 6:30pm to 10pm I gone through purging moment.
Advice not to go out when you into this regime.
Different body condition different effect.

10pm when time for me to swallow that half cup of olive oil mix with half cup of lemon.
OMG!!!! I feel like I am in 'fear factor' . It just I don't have any prize to look forward to.
Half cup of lemon I squeezed at least 3 whole lemons.
OMG! freaking sour plus freaking oily....ewwwwwwww...the smells of olive oil and when you drink it the oil feel in your mouth...horrible moment but yet its for own health..

At least I dare myself to do this.

Next I will try the artery blockage prevention regime

Happy working everybody!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend mood

Happy Friday O my darling blogger!!!
Whoa!!! when me in good mood ...I 'darling' everyone!!!
mmmm if I piss off...hahahaha I #@XX!* everyone....totally mood swing Pricess!!!
Yeayyyyy!!!! today no more Apple juice drinking... just can't take any dinner tonight and tomorrow is the most eeeewwwwww session.

* 6pm Epsom salt with warm water
* 8pm Epsom salt with warm water again
* the most ewwwwwww session is the 10pm Olive Oil and Lemon juice


Can I endure this session???
mmmm... don't want to think so much about this.
Just do it when time comes.

Tomorrow was thinking about pampering myself .
Since I never visit the saloon for more than half a year.... owhhh!!!! that long???
Last visit on October 2011....O what???
I called myself a 'Princess'????
Omo...what kind of Princess is this???
'Shrek Princess' then...O whatever!!!!

Anyway, massage maybe... if I can rise up early tomorrow!
Well this is j

Happy Weekend darling!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Perm or maintain ?

Today is my 5th Day on the gallstones regime .
Last day to drink 4 glasses of apple juice daily!
Oh! seriously apple juice???? Never again for the next 3 months.
I am overdose of apple juice!

Weekend is coming and I am looking forward.

My hair is always long straight and never change the hairstyle ever since I born???
Shall I change it?
Big curls digital perm?
 or touch up my frizzy hair?
or not doing anything let it grow wildly ?

What should I do now???


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today is my 4th day on removing gallstones regime .
A bit nervous for the 7th day because I have swallow epsom salt drink twice in a day and drink olive oil with lemon juice at night. Gosh!!! thinking about that.....HORROR!!!!
Back then , I was like suffering when it come to that stage.
Anyway, I made it and walah.... the gallstones 'POP' out on the next day.
Hope this time work alright for me since I am ageing and bet the gallstones is accumulating well in my body and waiting to be out.

I received another recipe from my friend who just delivered baby and this recipe she learnt from her 'confinement care lady'.
The recipe is to expel wind from body.

Very easy. I have not try yet but I think this kind of recipe is manageable especially for person like me...hehehehe

Egg with Mint Leave Soup

Ingredients :

1 bowl of mint leave
2 eggs
2 Clove of garlic
Salt and black pepper to taste
Water as you like

How to cook?

* Heat non stick pan
*Then add in mint leave and stir
* Break open eggs and stir in like a scramble egg
* Add water as much is you like (more soup or less soup , is up to you)
* Add in salt , black pepper and if you like chicken or anchovy cube to taste
* Wait to boil and serve it with hot rice or you could just eat it like that.

Hope this work!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have difficulties breathing and feeling unhealthy.
Scrolling down to my gmail for the past 6 years and found this email forwarded by my friend , back then.
The regime is to remove gallstones naturally.
I did follow the regime and the result was SUPERB!
One 20 sen coin of gallstones floating in the toilet bowl after the 7th day.

Many people don't really care on what is gallstones.
We all have gallstones ,big or small and many or few.
Do you know gallstones can lead to cancer?

One of the symptoms of gallstones is a feeling of bloatness after a heavy meal.
You feel like you can't digest the food.
If you think you have gallstones , come let us follow this regime together and share the testimonial.
By the way this treatment is also good for those with a weak liver, because the liver and gallbladder are closely linked.

Regime to remove your gallstones naturally :

* First 5 Days - take 4 glasses of apple juice everyday. Or you can eat 4 to 5 apples.
- Apple juice softens the gallstones.
- During these 5 days , eat normally

* On the 6th Day - take no dinner
- At 6pm - take a teaspoon of Epsom Salt (magensium sulphate) with a glass of warm water.
- At 8pm - repeat the same. (Magnesium sulphate opens the gallbladder ducts.)
- At 10pm - take half cup of olive oil (or you could replace with sesame oil) and mix well with half cup fresh lemon juice and drink it. (The oil lubricates the stones to ease their passage)

* 7th Day - next morning , you will see green stones in your stools. Usually its float. You may want to count them. Some people passes 40, 50 and up to 100 stones.

It is always to give your gallbladder a clean up.

I need to thanks Dr Lai Chiu-Nan for sharing this regime to us.

As at to date of my entry , I am at 3rd day on this regime.

Hope all of you who read this entry will find this helpful and clean your gallbladder!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Vending machine and me

Happy Monday everyone!
Have a good week ahead!
Moral of the story today... we start with moral before the stroy started. eheh
I learnt this last weekend .....  Don't Talk to non living thing!

I was paying the parking ticket at the ticket vending machine.
While paying , I was talking to the vending machine....don't ask me why...I don't understand this either!

Me :  I pay you now!
The machine - accept my cash and pop out receipt?
Me : mmmm... give me back my balance!
The machine - return back my balance
Me : Oh!!!! hello! I thought I ask for receipt???? (impatient manner)
The machine - took awhile and then give me the receipt
Me : hehehe..thank you dear!!!!

I turn my back and see people are lining up behind me and was giving me that weirdo stare look...
Can't blame them though!!!!

I went inside the car and was like huawahahahahaha when realise the whole situation...mmmm I am offically a weirdo!!! damn!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Saturday

Dear Diary,

Good morning beautiful world!!!
I woke up with positive spirit today.
What 'good spirit' woman would like to do this morning???
* Laundry - 2 months never touch the washing machine huwaaahahahahaha... lazy woman!!!
* Sweep the floor - too many hair lying around
* Wipe the dust - mmmmmm see first if I have that mood to do that later
* replying email for my online store and pack item to be delivered
* yoga & pilattes huhuhuhuhu... so i could stop my mind from going to vaser lip session. I am going to be obsessed!!!.
* Going out with friend to watch that freaking box office movie 'The Avengers' later in the afternoon
* The rest I wish to go through my Saturday happily so later at night I can work out my brain with my 2 proposal . Jeng Jeng.... working again!!!  anyway I feel happy to live this way....God Bless!!!!!

Have you try this Sarawak cuisine call 'Konlo Noodles'? - I think this is how it spell???

Konlo noodle - crinkle noodle sesame oil light soy sauce and all those fish cakes and fish balls... not bad though!!!
Eat with this soup

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad Vibes go away ...Good one you are welcome!

This week everything seems not on my side.

I started my week with horrible traffic on Monday morning.
Then the car behind honk at me because I don't move my car forward due to other car is over taking half way. I am kind enough to him the way.
The car who I gave way thought I am honking at him.
Guess what!
He took revenge at me for nothing!
I am innocent!
He drive to my car and knock my mirror and verbal abuse me.
It was in the morning!
I don't care much about what his doing because I am innocent.
However , I took photo of his plate number because I am forgetful and no pen and paper in hand.
When that 'not thankful' cutting line bastard saw that , he got angrier and  to the point trying to knock my car.
Whoa!!!! that fella need anger management and I guess he knew what he did was wrong and trying to defense all the way.
Funny!!!! what is the big issue here???
I really don't understand.
Most of the time I kept quiete and even show peace sign for him to go away. 
But hey!!! that crazy bastard still verbally abuse me all the way.
Oh Gosh!!!! where is that car who honk me just now he need explanation to do.
Thank God! finally its over and I went straight to police station near my office and report his car number.
Hhehehehehe.... just to protect myself.
Anything goes wrong, I had reported him. 
That fella is not a happy person at all and I think his life also full of unhappiness that is why he is bahaving that way.
Thank God my car still alright and Thank God he don't smash my car for nothing!!!! 
The best way to handle this type of situation.... ignore and and try to point to defend yourself. As long as you know you are at the right side. Don't waste energy for all this nonsense!
I can make it worst for him.
I am woman and he is most of the time acting violence.
I could provoke him more make it worst and then report him and make him in trouble and charge him. At least the authority could suspense his driving license and charge him.

Feel pity who sat beside him like a 'big log'.
For me this man look like an abusive husband!

mmmmmm...... guess my temper has improve and my EQ getting better.

I end my weekday with early morning my smart tag does not work at all.
Cash loaded!
Battery at high meter!
I wnet on to two lane both also show 'no smart tag'.
Oiii!!!! what am I showing you my ID is it!!!
At the end took out the touch n go card and went on to touch the panel at the other lane.

I hope to start my weekend with good one!

Happy Friday and have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby or Career or Both?

One of my staff just came back from maternity leave.
After almost 3 weeks she back to work, I only can slot in my time to see her personally to ask on her experience as new mother and also talk about her future career path.

I can sense that her mind is still not strong enough to balance up between her work and her motherhood instinct. She getting emotional and worried about her baby being taken care by her Mom. She only got to see the baby only during weekend due to different location.

She frequently took leave (exceeded entitlement) and always come very late to work.
Many reason given eg. bring baby to clinic, baby sick, baby this baby that...

As employer we are trying to accomodate to your new motherly experience but hey not too long!!! we can't accomodate to you alone forever.
You need to adapt to your new world and balance up.

She will be thinking , I am not an experience mother and don't understand her feeling, right now.

I mentioned to her, you need to adjust yourself, manage your self control, balance up your life and important think of all.... you need to choose your own life path.

Many working mother out there successful with many roles as a mother, wife,daughter and as career woman. I SALUTE THOSE WOMAN!!!!
They gone through all the pain during labor...the are amazing!

As for me, I dare not choose that path on bringing in another life to this world.
Huge responsibility and I could n't bear that!

Happy Mother's Day to all amazing Mothers out there!!!! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Korean and Japanese Galore

I go Korean last 3 weeks....Ramen


side dishes

Kimchi Pancake.....too oily

I like this yummy japanese cake from Tokyo Street Pavillion

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bersih 3.0 in Seremban

Very peaceful...they just standing by the road side and shout "Bersih! Bersih! Bersih!"

Monday, May 7, 2012

I went Malacca again...hehehehe

Coffee @ Kesington

Starter platter...WOW!!!!

Seafood Crispy Noodles

This is not mine huwaaaahahahaha

clear sky for road trip

riverside coffee

xavier church!!!

beautiful jasmine

bad photo skill from me...ah!!! this is normal

fried radish cake !!!


add egg,soya sauce and chilli and ohhhh... oil and more more oil...fat fat fat...

Not to forget my favourite cendol and the auntie can remember me.... hahahahaha loyal customer!!!