Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Saturday

Dear Diary,

Good morning beautiful world!!!
I woke up with positive spirit today.
What 'good spirit' woman would like to do this morning???
* Laundry - 2 months never touch the washing machine huwaaahahahahaha... lazy woman!!!
* Sweep the floor - too many hair lying around
* Wipe the dust - mmmmmm see first if I have that mood to do that later
* replying email for my online store and pack item to be delivered
* yoga & pilattes huhuhuhuhu... so i could stop my mind from going to vaser lip session. I am going to be obsessed!!!.
* Going out with friend to watch that freaking box office movie 'The Avengers' later in the afternoon
* The rest I wish to go through my Saturday happily so later at night I can work out my brain with my 2 proposal . Jeng Jeng.... working again!!!  anyway I feel happy to live this way....God Bless!!!!!

Have you try this Sarawak cuisine call 'Konlo Noodles'? - I think this is how it spell???

Konlo noodle - crinkle noodle sesame oil light soy sauce and all those fish cakes and fish balls... not bad though!!!
Eat with this soup

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