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Valued Voice
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Princess's Fake Pregnancy

This is the prank I always played when I get really boring...

Once I met with this banker...O she came to my office to promote corporate banking services and bla bla....
On lazy day me will wear loose long dress (oversized) to office. Look like pregnant lady....totally and it is no joke...

Banker : Oh Wow!!! Miss Rina, how many month?
Me : huh?
(then quickly realise she is looking at my body....ahhhh!!! she thought I am pregnant???)
Me :What month??? (pretend don't understand her)
Banker : You are expecting soon....
(don't want to embarass her plus I think this will be hillarious if I play along and also can brush up on my acting skills to)
With on hand support my back...
Me : Oh!!! this???
pretend rubbing to my belly....on the air rubbing coz my belly don't show that big though...(it is true)
Banker : Yeah!!! when are you going to give birth????
kekekekekeke.... I like this play...
Me : Oh! end of this year.
Banker : Boy or girl??/ 1st baby???
Oh!!! she sounded anxious to know....what a pity if I tell her I am single and this is actually a belly without baby ....Oh!!! baby worm may be....
Me : Ah!!! hubby and I want to surprise third child..
Banker : Owwwhhhh!!!! happy couple
Me : We are.....happy!!!! that is why our third is coming soon...
Banker : Congrats Miss Rina! See you and wish you well
Me : You too...
in my heart sorryyyyyyyyyy..... I just don't want to embarass you.
You start the play first and I just play along...

WICKED prank!!!!


  1. i experienced like the banker.. dlm lrt, i offer 1 lady to sit sbb dia bakai dress labuh and serius perut dia nampak mcm pregnant.. but dia tolak i punya offer then i realize i tersilap.. huhuhu seriously malu on behalf that lady.. byk kali i say sorry

  2. Hello there, yeah actually a bit embarassing for me to tell her that she is wrong. She may end up more embarassed. It will be a good laugh when she later discover I am acting along. It helps me to maintain relationship with her. If awkward!!!

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