Friday, June 1, 2012


What happened this morning?
My 'baby' got hit by the 'sun rise' embassy's car.
My heart is freaking sick to see my baby injured.
People may be thinking ...arrr such a small are alright and this kind of the damage doesn't matter ...nothing!!!
Well you are not in my shoes at point of time ...I am facing it!

Oh well let us learn this together base on my experience...
When you are driving on the straight road?
What I learnt?
Although its straight road, and I am suppose to go straight, I still need to aware of impatient driver who dying to get out from the junction. In this event I shouldn't straight and follow my lane but stop and let this people out. Why? Because they are embassy people and their people is VERY IMPORTANT people to compare to ordinary people like us because we are LESS IMPORTANT!
Others may think, my road I shouldn't stop to let them go. They should stop and wait for you to pass and drive out once the road is clear.
You are wrong!
This is what I did this morning and they just out from the junction and hit my poor baby!

Accident occured in front of Intercontinental Hotel lobby.
What I learnt?
When you make a police report never mention that. Don't be too honest. We should lie to them.
The police who took my report said ...'Ah! this is inside the building! Not federal road. You can't even claim the insurance'.
Oh! well... who will bear this cost?
mmmm...I wonder!!!
My fate for being too honest and lack of knowledge of how to twist the fact just for the sake of getting paid???

Where to make report when you involve in accident?
What I learnt?
Don't you dare to go to nearest police station. You will get scolded!
You need to go to Traffic Police Station Jalan Bandar according to Police officer at Jalan Tun Razak. But hey the real name is Traffic Police Station @ Jalan Tun H.S Lee.

Experience at Police Station Jalan Tun Razak
Although you have your report ready in your thumb drive and they just need to copy and paste into their system. Please get ready of your time, patient and also your politeness to them. Why? They are 'helping' you! There 6 officers but they are not free and not ready to start work or even take your report.Many poeple came to report. No at that point of time they are not ready to work or even entertain me. Its just that! I waited patiently... although I am boiling to see how this government servant is treating a citizen and a tax payer like me. Oh! please get ready they are not really familiar to even enter your report into the system so please be patient. Oh! please they have problem spelling the 'Alphard' word too. Oh! please they can't even differentiate between type of car and car model. Be patient!
After spending 1 1/2 hours typing the details into the system. My report is just a copy and paste they have problem to do that too. Ok ok ...another person came to the rescue.Report printed and I signed...

Me : What should I do after this?
The police : Oh! this one you need to make report to Jalan Bandar not here.Over there can take photo. All investigator at Jalan Bandar.
Me was speechless and just go off...
On the way out .
The police : You need to go there now....don't delay!
Me was like you should have told me earlier...duh!

Experience at Traffic Police Station @ Jalan Tun HS Lee
What I learnt?
Not much help from the police to you. They are just a listener that is all!
Spent less of 30 minutes. I was walking towards the police station after found the parking. Call came in and the police from Jalan Tun HS Lee called and said he in charge and scolded me to make my police report at Jalan Tun Razak. I told him I am here and now walking towards the station. Finally found him.  I received a 'good' lecture on my worng doing to report at police station jalan tun razak instead of direct to Traffic Police Station. Yes my bad for going to the nearest police station!
None of subject in school taught me the 'proper procedure' during such emergency.
I keep telling him ...this is my first time. I don't know.
He went one bli bla bli bla and pot pet pot pet on my wrong to go to the nearest police station.
To the extend I cannot take it anymore...I wish I could tell him this.... yeayeah next time if I am beleeding nearly die also I will drive all the way here to make report. Cool???
Can't do that....I need his help!!!

He asked me to draw the accident. I tried my best to draw the whole accident. My drawings skill is totally lacking and at 1 out of 10 though.

Then I asked what should I do next?

Police : This one embassy's car....mmmm nothing much you can do.
Me : This one they told me to make police report for insurance claim...
Police : Accident at hotel building....difficult to claim you may end up pay all by yourself.
Me : ooooooo!!!
They are the police...can't argue!
Me : Now I can go back?
Police : Take photo..
Then he xplained to me where to go...
Police : Where you park your car?
Me : There... at opposite road parking
Police : The paid parking???
Me : Yeah!!!
Police : haissshhh!!! who asked you to park there ...??? next time park in front here easy!!!
Me : There is a sign there said I can't park there...
Police : huh!!

Police photographer
What I learnt???
Just ignore others and continue blocking the road

Police : Where is your car?
Me : There at the back there.
Police : come and park your car in front of here.

Me ran all the way to my car and park right in front of his cabin. The road was narrow. When I stopped in front ...then one car behind me wanted to get out.

Me : Somebody is going out I need to move my car since I am blocking
Police : Let her be...
Me : But but
Police : Let her be....

Less than 5 minutes he snap the photo and ask me go just like that.

What is next???
Seriously , I don't know.

I lost half a day just for this.

Thinking about all the hassle ......I may end up paying the cost.
Thinking about I will be without car and can't go to work....what should I do???
Insurance claim from another car may takes time....So why should I take this risk when myself can't afford to not having my car with me. Myself can't afford to be away from office for that long.It may take up to two weeks or more. Why should I gamble? I may end up loose everything .
The damage may cost me RM500? RM1000?
I rather pay that money and lessen my hassle after what I gone through this morning!

I able to release my stress and let out all anger for what I gone through when I reached back home at 7pm.
I broke down I cried!!!! uwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!isk isk isk
For my temperement and emotional state I really did a good job to holding up all during the whole process.Big pat to my back for being able to control my anger that long.
The damage to myself until now I am not able to eat and even drink since the accident occured.
I think this is one type of disease I am facing...punish myself for others fault!
Suffer..... but I just can't help it!

I wrote on my long letter of complaint on hardship to that embassy!!!

My final word on my letter is please take action against your reckless stuck up driver since he cause all these hardship to me. I will share my letter to embassy in my next post and you will understand my point and my pain!

May the bad omen wash away!!!
Please the good one I welcome you!!!!

All mentioned is base on my real experience.

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