Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Life - The Malaysian Women's Weekly

In my goodies bag

Debenhams cash vouchers worth RM200/-

Tefal Optiblend 400W

and many more Jams , pastas, sauces,cereal, sweets and tupperware.... and of not to forget Shisheido Whitening set of 3. Oh! WoW for RM120/- all this is like FOC!

What I learned???

* Make up day and night by Taiso
* Shisheido talked on how to take good care of your skin
* Dress according to your body by Peter Lum
* Balanced Diet by a Nutritionist , Indira
* How to be powerful and popular? by Farida Hameed

2 refreshments
International buffet lunch

Overall happy with the workshop and I learned something from there....but the minus thing is I shared the same table with 3 nuisance ladies. OMO! they talked to each other during the speaker is talking up there...... seriously ...none of us on the table dare to ask them to shut up because their behaviour is totally outrageously rude and crazy!
Whatever!!! we paid for the workshop and they paid for the workshop too....

For me they humiliated themselves on that day by behaving like that!


  1. it was such a shameful act not listening to the speaker and I bet some of the guests have been annoyed too..

    but I love those sweet tooth breads yummy with coffee..visiting you Rina ;)

    1. food was great! oh yes ..feel like want to smack their face (evil thoughts)

  2. some people are still there like this to spoil the show..
    fascinating cliks
    Tasty Appetite

    1. yeah Jay! at the end they are just humiliate themself..mmmm

  3. hi rina, thats great, you seem to to acquire new knowledge... have a nice day

    1. Hi Wan! once in while....need to keep harm hahaha


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