Friday, June 29, 2012

How to reject Telemarketers Call ?

I believe most of us have experience receive calls from telemarketer trying to sell insurance, investment link products,membership and so on...

I received many from them.
Sometimes I wonder whether I advertise my phone number somewhere that I don't realise???
Whatever ...still some of them very annoying and persistent and really make you mad especially when they call you at the wrong time.

 I understand they are trying to earn for a living and every call is hope for them.

Selling Insurance

Case 1
Marketer : Hello Miss! I am bla bla bla from bla bla congratulations you are one of the chosen one!
Me : Owwwhhh! thank you...are you trying to sell insurance?
Marketer : Can you give me 5 minutes? I will explain you in details.
Me : if you are selling insurance, my sister is one of the insurance agent. So I don't have budget to help you anymore.
Oh! but I can give you 5 minute but after your explanation I will definately no buying anything from you.
Marketer : Oh!

Case 2
Marketer : Congratulations you are the lucky one chosen to bla bla bla
Me : Yeay!!!!!!! sorry I am in the meeting can listen to you now.
Marketer : Can I call you another 5 minutes?
Me : No need you can keep the prize. I don't want it

Case 3
Marketer : Congratulations you are the lucky one and bla bla bla
Me : Insurance selling is it???
Marketer : I just need you five minutes..
Me : mmmmmm... but I don't have a good mood to
Marketer : can I call you back tomorrow???
Me : boss is here in my mood will be very very bad...
Marketer : Thank you mam...don't get angry ya..
Me : No worries! thanks

Case 4
Marketer : We just launch a new product and bla bla bla
Me : Insurance is it???
Aishh...seriously I got not enough to eat also this month and next month and the next month
Over debt ...dont have budget for you  anymore.
Marketer : ooooo..thank you.

Selling Membership

Marketer : Madam! we now have a promotion for this hotel membersip stay and dining and blablabla
Me : Malaysian hotel???
Marketer : Yes madam!
Me : I don't stay at Malaysia Hotel. I stay at oversea hotel
Marketer : You can dine there madam!
Me : But I only eat street food more 'syok'. Hotel food no ummmppph! I am not your target market ..hehehehe
Marketer : oooooo thanks

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