Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Traffic Jam -What you do?

What I do when I am trap in traffic jam...somemore in the tunnel like this???
No other view...except for 'butt' of the car in front me???
Practise my speech?
Singing to myself?
mmmmmm...... the most enjoyable thing to do is eatttttt!!!!!

Orange cut leftover since morning.....need to fininsh it hahahaha....
OMO!!! what kind of entry ???? today?
Aishhhh.... whatever come across my mind and I just type it out freely hahaha
enjoy your day!!!!


  1. for me i would be cursing LOL...anyway,.,,,rather scary when in the tunnel like this.

    1. aiyo! I cursed with all my saliva stick to the wind screen also....the car won't move..only my blood pressure will move up hhahahahaha...

  2. you are such a jolly person Rina..if I would have a chance to be with you someday maybe we would just be laughing and laughing..oh ok while on traffic maybe you can turn on the radio or picture yourself and post it here hehehe..visiting you ;)

  3. oh sie!!!! i will do that hahahaha more selca...i will write one hillarious moment ...yup will show how boring I am during traffic jam...


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