Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fear of Death

Lately , I keep thinking about facing the death.
I cannot help it and this keep coming to my mind.
How do I re act when the death is coming?
Can I feel it?
What is the life after death ?
Did I realise that I am dead?
Am I going to hell?
Are 'they' going to punish me?
I am totally nervous wreck thinking about this!
Can't sleep at night!
Praying hard ,God earase my memory totally.
Will I feel the pain?
Am I ready?
The way I see myself and how nervous wreck I am right now....I am not ready yet!
But seems God make me keeps on thinking about death ....
May he is calling me soon...

I am writing this.... not because I am stress or what so ever....I am happy with my life but that facing death keeps on coming to my mind.

I really salute to my fellow blogger friend, Sie....she is battling with her sickness and currently she is surrendering herself to God. Her calmness to face the fact .....really amazing.

My prayers goes to her and hope she get well and lead her life in happiness with her lovely young children.
Sie! Strengthen hugs from me and Prayer kisses from me....Wish you to get well soon....

For me... I need to learn to face my death which is for sure is coming after me.
Maybe tonight or may be tomorrow....
Whatever it is ...I really need to clean up my room so if I die my loves one done get my mess.hehehehe...wink wink...

For now keep thinking about death and I feel so horror and nightmare...mmmm time is coming soon!

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