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Monday, July 9, 2012

Various Monday

Its Monday again!

Last two days , I start to hit the treadmill again.
Saturday run 5km in 53 minutes.....consider ok with my 'lazy ass' attitude.
OMO!!! Half year gone!
My resolution to loose 8kg still not moving.
I can see the number increase and never show me the sign of going down.

I have no time to loose anymore.
I am going to my fantasy world in 4 months time.....
I need to look good, healthy and beautiful....
So...starting from now... I will emphasis on my body work out seriously!

Sunday improve with 5.5km in 56 minutes.
I was very 'fire up' to loose all the flabbies.
I need to look 'kpop'.
Owwwhhh!!! guess how many calories I burn up with that timing and distance????
less than 110 cals.
With all the sweat and my muscle pain now????
merely less 110 cals???

Look like I have long way to go and hard work to do to work out this body....haisshhhh!

Talking about teeth tooth teeth....
I went to see the dentist Friday evening...
Well... this specialist told me how bad my teeth are and plus my sensitivity make it worst too.
So she broke me the bad news...
Extract.... meaning got to loose this tooth...
Choices give after that...
* false denture or
* bridging or
* implant
So far I see implant is the most suitable for me.
I am careless and less care...eheh!
I am rough and care less again and the conclusion is....I won't care much on anything!

So implant is the much???
RM7k at least............. WTH!

As I am writing this post....
My tooth aching like nobody business.
When it is aching when you don't even bite anything...
So I don't dream to eat too.

My next dentist appointment is only a week later because this time I insist to get my tooth under the specialist hand...... I know it will cost me but still if I am headache and worried about this toothache and I have a sleepless night...I rather do this once for all... and I have decided!

Happy working everyone!!!!!


  1. h rina- i really pity you on your dental problems..suggest you eat more RAW onions every day and night... so that your gums stronger and help your teeth.
    for me, the only pill, for toothache is the one i bought at chinese herb medicine shop. eat 2 each time-one white and the other yellow color i think.. others never work 4me.
    your try, sekali makan pun dah ok, my friends all use this nowl.. have a nice day

    1. Thank you Wan for the tip! I will make my way to chinese herb shop to get one for me.isk isk isk

  2. dentist ? waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    1. OMO! dentist? I hate I hate...but can't run away got to face them...isk isk isk

  3. Kesuma!!!! uwaaaaaaaa... dentist??? hate to the max....

  4. haha...OK . Best of luck with your work outs.
    I also wanna see dentist. My teeth are getting yellow.Oops !!!!!!!

    1. hohohohoho go for whitening kekekeke...OMO my work out..hopefully my fire still stay strong hehehe


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