Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Oppa Gangnam Style craze is everywhere now...
Totally like Macarena craze once upon a time back then...
Who is Psy the person who responsible to make even popular Canadian singer Nelly Furtado to dance that horse dancing on stage in her recent concert in Manila???
He is PSY!
Born as Park Jae Sang (PSY) in 31st Dec 1977!
OMO he is 3 years younger than me??? He is so Ajussi look!!!! and I am his Noona???? Unbelievable!!!
He is korean hip hop singer and popular with his sense of humor and uniques concert!
He received education in US.
It is really amazing that a non korean idol parodied this song and really proven how influential is his video. His youtube MV hits more than 65 million...wohoooo!!!
Psy totally going viraland everywhere.

He is on DAEBAK bank accounts with CF deals! Estimated income received from CF deals around USD400k per endorsement and gangnam style promo is around USD10 millions.
Many other revenue streams coming in for this OPPA who really now can afford a property in GANGNAM!

Daebak Psy!

You are well know internationally!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Last weekend , I was online shopping again....
Hahahaha...too boring...
I found this new online shopping store via facebook.
It call Myclozett!!!
Browsing through the page and found beautiful fashion from Korean, Japan and other Asian countries fashion.
Latest korean clothings, handbags and soon korean accessories too.
Each item is reasonably price!
If  purchase more than RM100 will get FREE Delivery!
Here I share to you the online store address just click here.

Below are some of the fashion captured my shopping spree heart!

Monday, August 27, 2012


I know it is very disturbing to talk about death especially on Monday.... and also after long break.
I am sharing this here because this is my diary...
I need to let this out of my chest...
If not I feel depressed and sad...
Weekend I heard news about one of friend who I used to know...long time ago ...died...she suicide.
Don't ask how?
I feel so sad to even asked how?
Thinking about people who are very daring to do this...when they are aware this is 'one way ticket' and 'no u turn point'...they must be totally lost.
I can feel them...
I was at their position...few times during my younger period...when I was jobless and totally no money to survive in this big city and alone with nobody to turn to.
I am glad...I am able to realise soon enough before I really purchase that one way ticket to hell!
My life have been better now and I am stronger as a survivor with my own way of life!
Many will said...stupid!
Why you did that...and bla bla bla...
....the world is against us and feel like at the edge with only one way but to do is to run away from the problem and at that point leaving this world is the only solution!
Can't blame the that point of time...mind is not rationalise!
In general why people suicide?
* They're depressed!!! the pain is too severe to bear and unable to make rationale sense!
* Psychotic!!!this one more towards cannot accept the reality and facts and things not according to plan.
* Impulsive! on drugs? alchohol
* Philosophical desire to die! there are some reasoned decision for this case!
* No one to turn to! normally people who at this case they just don't realise and don't know what they did really a one way ticket!
* mistake! they made a huge mistake and can't bear to live with it and punish themself.
For those who have this thinking to suicide or world is against them....
Many others have more difficult life than you do...
When problem comes...face it...don't run...and solve the problem one by one...
Find somebody who could listen to you...
Throw away your EGO! and be humble!
EGO can kill you...
EGO also can make you prosper too!
Conclusion...your life is your journey...the path and the route is your choice!
Be positive and Be strong!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lollita's Tinting Time

Wednesday, I made appointment for my Lollita's aka my car to be tinted at Cars near KLCC.
Yeah...since I am 'so damn good' to wait for took me doing this after 2 years plas to get it tinted.
All this because the increase of crime rates and I feel unsecure...if not I more prefer to be under hot sun rather than waiting....
So that Sam guy from the Cars told me he need 2 hours plus for this...
How to spend my time at KLCC for that long?
I don't really fancy shopping...and this is KLCC we are talking about....boring!!!!
KLCC is the place I can visit during lunch time and dinner time...OH! so damn boring!!!!
Decide to go for pedicure and buffing

Trying to be young by reading this Manga while getting the pedicure...
ah! not my is so confusing for me to read I think I should stick to just watch than reading....

finish that one hour..I have one hour plus to go...
mmmm...before I start my fitness regime again let me eat this 'sinful' food...

hhehehehehe...Supreme Curry Chee Cheong Fun...and... 

Papaya and White Fungus double boiled soup...

OMO!!!! I feel sick after eating this...that is why people said don't be greedy!!!!
My excuse is .....I have to eat a lot because I have plenty of time to kill while waiting for Lollita to be pretty....
My night ended with driving Lollita home...and I can say that the night getting darker with Lollita new skin...I have to get use to this....

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Woke up in the morning on the second day of Hari Raya...
Driving my parent and sisters around to find breakfast since I insist my mum shouldn't be busy cooking in the kitchen during Raya.
Of course my mum not so happy because she can't do her passionate job...housewife!
OK...let us try to find that noodle shop near Maxwell hill...
Oh! its closed!
Like what my sister said...people also want to Raya la...
Then my next destination is Old Town...on the way there..we stop at our secondary school...
My secondary school...TMGS 

SMK (P) Treacher Methodist...ambassador

Ninja TMGS

Old Town White Coffee for me

Garlic toast bread for Dad

Housewife aka Mum eat this 'Nasi Lemak Sotong'
I am back to KL the next day since I start working on Wednesday...

Friday, August 17, 2012


Today I will heading down to Kota Damansara in the morning for my gum stitches to be take out!

Good luck to me for expecting worst traffic ever!
Yeah! most Malaysian will be congesting to highway heading to respective home town for vacation and also for festive celebration with family.
Oppsss! don't forget airport, railway station and port as well...human will be like ants over there.

Me will always go through odd hours just to avoid this congestion.
So...let them go first!

I have few important things to do my side here too :

- Car tire inspection for long journey (maybe this Fri / Sat)
- Car door knob need to be fixed. I broke it angry so I wacked my own car...poor car. (maybe this Fri / Sat)
- Bring my car for shower too....poor car not taken any bath for almost 4 months now.

Happy holiday everybody!!!!!
Selamat Hari Raya too!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For the past 3 days, I have been swallowing and walloping cold food and drinks ...taking from my Doc advice. Ice cream and ice and sushi ....all cold stuff...OMO!
For some people this is heaven!
For me who is not really favor to cold food and suffering!
My stomach totally crying for uncomfortable because they suddenly facing winter season!
I am now suffer for indigestion and also my face bloated like that fella in that picture.

All because of this implant stuck in my jaw  bones here!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Last Saturday was at Utama Dental Surgery for implant...
sounds scary ...huh?

waiting area..LCD panel showing on implant process and what suitable and the do s and the don'ts

Reception area...this clinic is specialise doing implant..

They told me to eat before coming...because I have to swallow these whole lot of tablets...ewwwwwww!!!!

Pain killer, anti swelling, antibiotics are among those colorful 'dot dot'.

Doctor came...he show me the X Ray..and explain to me the procedure...then give me shot of anesthetic shot....wait a while for the effect ..while waiting Doctor explain to me again...

Here we go the scary part...
Open you mouth...uwaaaaaaaa....can feel they cut open your gum..I don't feel hurt.
Since my gum is so weak and require bone there is drilling and wacking to the jaw bone...can feel this too...uwaaaaa...after finish the bone graph then the titanum was planted into the gum...seal this by stiches...then X ray and Doctor explain to me again...nurse gave me medicine and the do and the don't...the whole process took at least 2 hours..

Wallah.... I can feel my right hand cheek was swelling from the inside...
I was advice to eat ice and cooling food.
Avoid hot food and spicy....for 2 weeks...huh??? 2 weeks???
so long ar???
My case doctor said longer time to heal because previous infection went through to the sinus...
Doc said I can't sneeze at all for 2 weeks...OMO!!!
How to hold the sneeze?
I can't blow my nose too..
They said brush teeth cannot disturb the implant location...Obviously!!!!
Doc send me home with loads of pills and liquid to rinse...Uwaaaaa!!!! totally hate that tablets...bitter!

I fasting the next day until now because the medication only require for morning and night!

I am still recovering though!
This Friday morning I will be visiting them for stiches to be taken out!
Mine one will take at least 2 - 3 months for the titanum foundation to stay solid in my jaw bones...

Scary....but I gone through this last saturday which is WICKED!!!!

How much it cost me?
I have to call my credit card for 12 months installment plan.
For one tooth...the price is like one prada bag!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Last night, while driving home I keep thinking if anything happen to me on the road, car breakdown, bag got snatch and many other unfortunate event.
Who should I call?
Do I have any number to call for help?
Can this people help to solve my problem when they come over trying to help me?
mmmm.... sad to say ..I don't have any number to call.
Then reached home, check on email and my friend just got snatched at traffic light.
Oh! scary....

The next morning, I reached office and the first thing I did is to go to aam website and sign up for Elite  Card - a card dedicate for ladies.
Pay RM130 in total for a year and at least I have number to call and cry for help when desperate time comes!!!!
The registering took less than 15 minutes.
The customer service mentioned to me ,I can enjoy service after 4 days.Cool!
Especially , I am planning to travel back 4am to the north this 19 August 2012.....hope this help for a single lady like me....who is always in target!

Elite Membership

Safety and Security for ladies on the move
Customized to the needs and requirements of today’s lady drivers, extending not only convenience but providing them with assured protection, safety and security whenever they are on the road. Benefits and privileges include on-the-spot minor repairs, an accident care programme, accidental reimbursement, coverage against snatch thefts, being chauffer driven to your doorstep, hotel accommodation in the event of breakdowns and accidents, etc.

Membership Benefits

  • Built in Touch and Go
  • 24-hour road assistance nationwide
  • Free minor on the spot repair service within free breakdown zone
  • Free towing service within free breakdown zone
  • RM360 reimbursement per membership year for Outside Breakdown Zone
  • Breakdown Care Programme : 10pm-5am

Insurance Benefits

  • Accident Care Programme
  • Worldwide insurance coverage for accident, death and disablement
  • Accidental medical reimbursement
  • Other privileges as accorded to AAM ordinary members

Safety & Security Benefits

  • Snatch Theft Coverage
  • Car key replacement
  • Hotel accommodation for breakdowns and accidents

How much does AAM Elite Membership cost?

Entrance RM25.00
Annual RM100.00 (2 assigned cars)
Each Additional Car RM50.00
Each Supplementary RM50.00
OBZ Claim Reimbursement RM360.00 (per membership/year)
FBZ Breakdown Assistance Unlimited
Renew 2 Years RM200.00
Renew 3 Years RM300.00

Friday, August 10, 2012


Last Saturday food galore during my breaking fast was a blessed  one!

My 'Chinggu' and I decided to share this pumpkin soup as our starter..creamy and yummy! even the bread taste good...wahahahahahahaha... when this is my first meal for the day after starving myself the whole day even if you give me just that bread minus the soup I will say....DELICIOUS!!!!

My first time tried this spaghetti.... Squid Ink Spaghetti...
Look ugly but yummy!!!
Oh! wow! the color look so 'unique' and myterious... but the taste..O LALALALALALA...
totally loving this ...especially the garlic taste...
My 'Chinggu' told me I am eating my whole week cholestrol...muahahahahaha...
For those who is on first time date...please please don't order this one... you will look ugly...this is not the food to impress...your lips and teeth will smash with black squid ink!

'Chinggu' go traditional by ordering this 'Omellete Garlic Fried Rice'

Cappucinno...make me don't sleep the whole night!!!! Ah! the cappucinno will reply me...I am innocent!

All Ginza Cafe, Tokyo Street

Selca while waiting for the food 

ridiculous face...when I notice the waiter keep serving the other guest dillegently just because they look more 'fasting' than me...
The other table people just arrived and the waiters served them with water immediately and totally full attention to them and ignore my 'warm water'!
Ah! can't they see my annoying glare here???
My warm water please!
They said coming......

Still.... where is my warm water???
Eh! think I got no money is it???
Thank God the food I ordered arrive so I can try to forget on their totally ignorance towards me.
I done with my food
I done with my coffee...
Then the waiter came to me and asked whether I have any other order... warm water never arrived!

My PR skill sucks!!!!!

'Chinggu' said I look like not fasting to them....that is the reason....isk isk isk
What the heck???
They are so discrimination to me...... uwaaaaaa...

anyway I enjoy my dinner well and happy...hehehehe

with this uwaaa and hehehehehe in split second...I am totally have this split personality case.

I am afraid for tomorrow surgery...pray for me!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I just wake up from my slumber land....

when I read about this girl being the 'hottest' female athlete

people are busy talking about Dato Lee Chong Wei almost beat Lin Dan 

then only I know its olympic 2012 in London...
Olympic 2012 is half way through and I just knew...

I am too slow.... I need to catch up more soon...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Still at Starhill Gallery..
Normally, I don't walk towards downstairs at Starhill.
Last week I am in the mood to explore further...
I discovered this place call Starhill Tea Salon... Oh! wow! not just hair salon or car salon...we have tea salon too...
mmmmm...people with more money they tends to spend for pleasure and enjoy...Oh! this is so true...
I am waiting for coffee salon and whatever salon...

The ambience to describe this???
I just totally love it!
This Tea Salon is the first one in Kuala Lumpur and opened for those tea lovers!!!! Ah! obviously!
Not just tea... I notice they have cakes and macaroons counter...
There are many people sitting,chatting while enjoying sipping through their cup of busy with my selca...
Money that I earn totally not at this level of enjoyment!
Someday! Maybe!

10AM - 1AM

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The notice mentioned their operating hours at 10:30am - 5:00pm (Monday - Saturday).

My question...why they didn't open on Saturday??? open or close on Saturday???? huh?
If you closed on first Saturday or second or third or fourth saturday in the month can you please mentioned this in your notice?
I came all the way with heavy things on my troll...there you go..CLOSED!

Monday, August 6, 2012


My favourite place is always 'Golden Triangle' area.
Park at Starhill
Eat at Pavillion
Shop at Isetan, Lot 10
Then shop again at Sungei Wang Plaza
Then go back to Pavillion and eat again...
Then walk to Starhill and do selca...
I love to park and walk at Starhill because not so many people there...yeah!
High Class boutique in there...commoner like me just pass through and enjoy the deco and ambience there...hehehe..
Oh! sometimes I get to see our 'First Lady' , 'RM' shop there...her favourite is 'Valentino Red'...Oh I guess since I saw her in that boutique the other day..oh! long as she happy and don't disturb my life...

Here goes my random weekend 'selca'