Thursday, August 9, 2012


I just wake up from my slumber land....

when I read about this girl being the 'hottest' female athlete

people are busy talking about Dato Lee Chong Wei almost beat Lin Dan 

then only I know its olympic 2012 in London...
Olympic 2012 is half way through and I just knew...

I am too slow.... I need to catch up more soon...


  1. I've enjoyed every minute of the Olympic events and I don't want it to ever stop. LCW was awesome and i look forward to watching the closing ceremony.

  2. HAHA.. cute lil girl..;) Me too.. always un-aware of things happening ..;P

  3. i did not watch any games in this Olympic 2012 except for DLCW vs Lin Dan :)

  4. LifeRambling : yeah! olympic was awesome to watch!

    Eunice : sometimes we are in our own world... don't know what is happening around us!

    Dee : at least you watch! I miss the whole game :(


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