Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday year 2012 - 12.10.2012

I woke up with positive mind...
Today is a special day!
I want to have a humble birthday this year!!!
Eheh! like I have grand birthday in past year....hehehehe
My initial plan is this year to celebrate in another country like seoul.... ohhohohoho...talking about humble a second ago and now I am bragging...huh?
Talking like all this no need money, huh???
Anyway, due to some reason...I am here in Malaysia and do it my style.... hehehe not 'Gangnam style' but 'Rina style'!
Gangnam style too expensive, wor!
Chinggu due to fly off to Xiamen the next day....
The whole day on 12 Oct 2012, I have my personal driver....yipey!!! so called humble birthday huh

Start my day with shopping for grocceries to give out to Joy Garden Old Folk home near Semenyih.
I don't even have time to grab some breakfast for myself...isk isk... anyway good cause comes first!
Love to see the happy face...I bought them buns too!!!!

Then head to mid valley redeem my CIMB card points...ohohohoho...this rich princess have 81,000 points to spend here....3 years accumulated points...
Redeemed for microwave, steamed iron and hair straightener and curler....
Why do I need all this???
I don't know!!!!
Yeah! totally no idea!
When I was questioned by Chinggu on why I need this????
I just brushed him away and said...this is my points not your points...yeah!!! so harsh response for a humble day like today...
I repent...Chinggu!!!
I will act like humble human now!

My bless Lunch... grilled hotate


freaking boiling hot tofu soup

suppose to be seafood grilled....mmmmm I don't know that chicken is under seafood category...oh! whatever!!! don't want to complaint this time. So Chinggu...you eat this all... I don't fancy chicken!

All this at Waku @ Midvalley
Then we head to uptown damansara to collect my Dior Addict lipstick a gift from The Malaysian Women's Weekly...So lucky of me...love my new addict.
Then the rain started like mad dog and cat and here I am caught in traffic jam for 2 hours...

 totally stand still...hate this!!!

Chinggu force me to have cake although he knows I hate cake...
So my choice for this year is green tea cheese cake...
Nah!!!  you better finish this all..

Chocolate lava cake...
Nah!!! you better swallow this all...

My spicy dinner tomyam noodles!!!
Chinggu keep tempting me to buy Galaxy Note....and me with my strong desire self control...reject the temptation like a 'Gumiho'!
Chinhhu keep asking me to choose for 'jade pendant'....with Gumiho style I reject it!
Chinggu keep telling me Jade is good to keep me calm...
I ask him back am I so angry lady...
One answer I received....
Chinggu : ' You always in Angry Bird' mode when ever I talk to you!'
Me : Which 'Angry Bird' am I?
Chinggu : I think you the red color one!
Uwaaaaa.... like that also can ar ...you... me become angry bird now!
And princess live happily ever after...without any Galaxy Note or Jade!
The next day , I went to have a hair cut and scalp treatment...yup my hair is growing wildly like 'lalang'. I need a trim! But end up cut it short!!!
The End

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