Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am 38 tomorrow

Dear Diary,

I never thought I can live this long....
Ahhhh...38 years since mum gave birth to me on 12 Oct 1974.
So old spinster???
Yeah! this spinster will remain as her status now.
No point thinking having a pair when your heart tell you that you happy with your space now.
What I wish for on this year birthday???
Thank you God for your blessing to make me stronger in surviving in this tough world.
I wish you bless me luck in my after world journey.

Since I don't eat cake.
Pei Ling Chinggu walked extra mile yesterday by taking bus all the way to KLCC and bought me this cohoclate brownie. Yup! she know me well and she know I don't touch cake. Of course I love to see them coz they are pretty.:)
Pei Ling Chinggu surprise me with early birthday cake yesterday.
I am sort of sharing this cake with Fad another colleague of mine. Her birthday on 30th Oct and mine is tomorrow 12 Oct.
Thank you .... Pei Ling Chinggu!!!
Happy birthay, Fad!!!!
Happy Birthday Zef Goh my ex colleague...his birthday falls on the same date as mine...12 Oct and he is 12 years junior....owwwww...Rina Noona

in front of my small room in office
Ohhh!!!! my eyes look so small???
Ohhhh!!! I am that short????

This morning receive a surprise from my colleague with flowers....Awwwww!!!! first time in 38 years to receive this kind of surprise.
Anyway, my colleague made a complaint to the florist because she said the bouquet suppose to be a big one..... what ever....I still thank you and appreciate your thoughts and sincerity on my special day.

Tomorrow.... I am off for the day.
I am not working!!!!!

If I am a boss and I own a company...all my staff will entitle to an off day during their birthday!
Good Boss,huh????

Have a nice day!!!!

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