Friday, October 5, 2012

One Night at Shangri La KL Suite

I received a phone call last Saturday morning from a girlfriend...
She invited me to spend a night with her at Shangri La Horizon Club suites on Saturday night.
Ohohohoho....cancel all appointment!!!!
Shangri La!!!! I am coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On normal Saturday or weekend, me will grumble and will not go out from my house unless people fetch me from home.
Yup! lazy bum...don't want to drive.
But for this....hehehehe drove all the way throughout the 'bloody weekend traffic jam' during lunch hours on Saturday afternoon...what the heck!!!
Its free ma!!!
Do you think I can afford to stay here with my own money....yes I can afford but hell...I will not spend my hard earn money to enjoy this kind of luxury! Never!!!
Oh! well...
Back to my experience in Shangri La suites....

Open the door and see this small office...yup! for working area..
They provide internet access,printer,voice mail phone and other stationeries

straight ahead the living room with flat screen TV for you to enjoy.
They also provide DVD player and selection of DVD for rent.

The room with bedside control panel.
Press the button the curtain will close and open...wuhuuhuhuh...sounded like ' dumb ass' hoh???
Oh ya!!! there is another flatscreen TV in the room...Whoa!!!!...sounded like 'dumb ass' again???
Oh..whatever....this is my experience...just read further..k

the bath tub with another flat screen TV.... so luxury huh?

the view from the room

the view from the living room...that swimming pool is at Concorde Hotel

here come the best part for coffee lovers like me...
Nespresso machine...
You can drink until overdosed of caffein...O lalalalalala...

Complimentary box of spoil diet

welcome fruits basket
 Then both of us went down around 3pm for a complimentary high tea at Horizon Club.

Outside view

view from the table

we sat at this table on Sunday morning breakfast

my afternoon tea time with bitter marmalade,English raisins scone and smoke salmon sandwich top with caviar.

the one look like green ' ninja turtle' ...omo too sweet!!!
Right after the hi tea.. my girlfriend and I start discussing on our dinner...WTH!
Yup! Malaysian taste....sweet will not satisfy us...we need to look for hot and spicy fried food...jeng jeng...since it is raining heavily we decided to take the complimentary shuttle to Pavillion.
Then we went shopping at that area and walk back...
Oh well...we need to loose that calories though!
Yup...not that far...just around 10 minutes..not enough time to fully sweat the whole body though..
Homely girls will always stay in the room and be couch potato woman staring at that big end up in the bath tub, soaking myself after a long day....
So lovely!!!!

waiting for Sunday morning breakfast time

Poached egg on wholemeal toast bread
and then head back to the room to enjoy for the last hours....

enjoy my last hours with my third cup of coffee while reading the sunday newspaper...
Back to life...
Back to reality...
After clock strike 12:00noon (eheh not midnight in Cinderella)...both of us goes separate way at carpark and back to our original habitat....
No more luxury...
Just an average human lifestyle....
God Bless...for this opportunity!!!
For my girlfriend wish you good health and good life always......don't forget me again ya!!!!

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