Friday, October 26, 2012

Tripping Princess

I embarrased myself again yesterday morning.
Big sigh!
Early morning woke up ...with blur mind...mmmm...not weekend yet???
I need to go to work this morning.
Owwwhhh! I need to drag my luggage and mummy's supplement to my car because I am not coming back here until Sunday morning.

Then ...when I was walking downstairs to my car...
One level I insist to myself I need to exercise down ,so don't take lift.

Here the action drama goes....
There is this lady (yours truly) walking down the stairs through emergency exit door.
One hand drag down luggage gedebum gedebam ....
The other hand carried down the bag with full of manga story books...I think around 20 books.
Add to this bag is 6 bottles of parent supplement which I bought from Guardian. (owwwwhhh...Angel daughter,huh?)
One shoulder with my oversized handbag.
Just imagine how heavy the load is.....
No more hand to open the door.
As usual my not polite attitude way...
I kick open the door with one leg....of course one leg...not two leg..hhehehehe I am not 'Bruce Lee'.
mmmm...let me see...I think 'Bruce Lee' also use one leg to kick,right?
Oh! whatever!

with one kick the door goes ...bam.... and I bam bum bam...
me like superwoman almostface down on the floor with knee down and my luggage left behind me and the other bag and handbag was like flying in front of me.
Me...goes OMO!!!!
The guard who is sitting 3 meters away from the door...was like ...jaw dropping looking at me suddenly sprawling on the floor.

I quickly get up and....collect what ever then quickly throw everything in my car.
With stone pretend this is just my early morning stunt practise.
Once I sit in my car...I was like hurt ouch ouch ouch ...huhuhuhuhuh isk isk isk..
Driving to work with teary eyes....
My knee so painful.
I want to check whether its blue black or bleeding...too bad I wear tight skinny jeans.
Can't even lift my pant up!
No choice got to wait until the next 2 hours to reach office and check this out in my room.

Yes! both knee swollen and blue black.
Thank God no bleeding.
My left hand hurt too....aissshhhhhh....

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