Saturday, December 22, 2012

DOOMSDAY 21.12.2012

 Doomsday!!!! OMG!!!1
What should I do???
Shall I just stay at home and wait to die???
mmmm... like most of others...I just continue with my life.
I took leave because my stuck up dentist don't work on Saturday.
appointment at 12noon.
Damn I waited for almost 2 hours because the patient earlier have some complication in her implant.
Thank God, I brought my Pou and play the Pou poppers until my finger numb!
My turn came...that dentist insert in screw through up my gum.
Hurt wei!!!!
Then took impression and he say mmmmm...wait another 2 week and you are ready with new gadget in your mouth.
Crazy ar you dentist???
Gadget what???
Not like I can use this new tooth like GPS or something or cursing people but people hear as sweet talk...
Not like I can ask for increament using this new tooth!
I waited for 2 hours and you said something not funny at all...huh?
kick your ass!!!
Me totally on angry bird mode...wei!!!
anyway, I manage to ask that fella give me one day MC wei....yeay! Friday is MC not AL. Save my AL!

I reached there around I eat my brunch at Homst

Nyonya fried mee hoon with my ebook as my entertainment

By the time reached home around 5pm.
Whole day gone just like that.
I bought this thing and decided to challenge myself to assmble this thing.
I really don't have motor skill and decided to crack my head doing this on doomsday...

whoa!!! so difficult wei....feel like giving up...but mmmmm challenge is challenge

after 2 hours on the floor...
hhhehehehe... my pride!!!
Doomsday wardrobe...muahahahaha!!1
Have a good reborn weekend everybody!!!!

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