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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Give back and treats

Weekend treat is always good to bring positive vibes to yourself.
I first tried MOF when I was in Shanghai.
Since there is limited food I can eat I opted for dessert like this instead.
I told Chinggu...I want to bring back the feeling when I was in Shanghai back then...
Chinggu brought me here...mmmmmm...

Chinggu choice...
Chinggu told me..this drink can make yourself at home la...
Just buy green tea powder stri into ice water then top with fresh whipped cream and top it with palm sugar sauce.
mmmm... then I told fried rice also we can fried ourself ...what????
Chinggu...left speechless..kekekekeke

we are sharing this red bean top with green tea ice cream and some rice cake...and that other side dishes...don't really know..what the heck is that thing...I just ate without hesitation..yummy but that red bean soup so freaking sweet...mmmmm not really my taste.

I really enjoy my choice of green tea soup which came with this rainbow mashmallow...mmmmm my favourite so far...

when you treat need to treat others too...Chinggu and me went out to Joy Home again to give out some grocerries we shop for them earlier....
You need to know how to give back....
Don't just receive.... this is more polite...right!!!!

Have a great day ahead!!!!

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  1. ermmm loook yummy :) green tea soup with mashmallow.....


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