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Expensive Morning Business

  I went out for the annual standard car service last week. Usually, I can wait at the service centre but not this time. The nearest place to wait was McD which is just a walk away from the centre. The lady who attended to me said they require 3 hours to complete.  I was OK to wait at McD for 3 hours provided the place isn't that crowded. I ordered the small rice porridge and one cappuccino. Not many people, just around 3 couples. Aihhhh! Is it valentines day already?  Ate my breakfast peacefully while browsing my phone. Isn't this is how people kill their time nowadays? Finished the porridge and notice the crowd started to build up. Aihhhh... Then at the same time, my bowel is calling to be emptied. Aishhhh!!! not now. I have a long way to go. I thought have emptied this morning. Why suddenly so active? I checked the time and it's only 30 minutes after I left my car. I still have around 2 and a half hours more to go. The situation totally needs to go. So sian ar? McD toile

How to Stay Healthy during the Heatwave?

As I write this post, I was sent home due to a viral infection. Its all started by last weekend extreme body heat. I end up on sick leave on Monday. I survive at work on Tuesday and Thursday despite being unwell. I was not able to sleep at all since Monday and when it comes to Thursday, I feel weak but still drove all the way to work. By the time reached the office car park, I realize making a big mistake to force myself out of the house. I survive in the office for barely 2 hours before feeling nausea and keep running to the ladies to throw up which is basically nothing out from me. I was coughing until the whole body feels super weak. I also don't want to show to my colleague the bad side of me. I am such a baby during sick. kekekeke...Basically, if I am at home just whine alone. But if in the office I can annoyed people around me like hell. kekekeke I went to the clinic again and this time Doctor scolded me to be out of the home when I should be resting. Like t

How I found My Misplaced Phone?

I learn a great lesson today. Stay focus on whatever I do and don't be careless. What happens today? I almost lose my mobile phone forever . I was in a halfway skype call meeting with my counterpart in Jakarta when I realize my phone was not with me. I immediately excuse myself and abandoned my meeting. I ran to the toilet which I remember brought my phone there and left it on top the concrete shelf behind the toilet seat. My phone not there! Obviously, at this point, I panic. Totally panic to the extent not sure what to do first. Well easy for us to type out the step 'What to do if you misplace the phone?' In real life and things happen to me like today and realize you have too many sensitive information inside the heart drop. I tried to call my phone using the office phone but it went busy tone. Then ask one of the colleagues to help call me using his phone. It went busy for the first time. Then we tried to ring it again, the phon

I tried to break into others car

Last weekend ...well should I just say this happened to me yesterday. isk isk isk with my antique! I went back hometown for a night to fetch my parent back to KL for their medical checkup. My sister drove back to North. While travelling on the highway we saw this long trailer full of new Mercedes Benz car. Me : Let us hijack that trailer like in the 'Fast and Furious' movie. Sis : Merz each ya. Me : But how are we going to get up on that trailer? Sis : Just go up la... Me : How to reverse the car down to the road? Sis : What la... I thought we are 'Fast and Furious' team? Me : But I still scared la...if get caught...I think just say I am taking a selfie. Sis :  Chehhhh!!!!   ???? That's how I killed off the drama I created out of sudden. I was the one driving back to KL yesterday. We stopped at Rest area near Tapah. After breakfast , I walked alone back to my car to drive car nearer to my parent.

My Favourite Pants

I want a place to rant my unhappiness for these few months. Current workplace opens up myself to a totally different new world. I am kind of introvert who love to be left alone all the time. Being among many people make me feel super uncomfortable. The previous workplace, I would have the most is 25 people and this new one...I am talking about 400 minimum. When I accepted the offer, I was quite nervous myself. There are many eyes looking at you. Finding faults and so on. I become paranoid and restless. Almost quit after being told off I can't wear my 3/4 pants to work. huhuhuh... so hate those corporate styles. Stiff and fake too. 3/4 pants is a fashion la 'Ah Soh'!!! You can wear 'Ah Soh' sweater to work like you have 24/7 fever? Why I need to sacrifice my most comfortable 3/4 pants? Tell me why??? Suddenly I feel a bit childish after writing this post. But 3/4 pants are still my favourite pants ever. They have been with me since 10 years ag

There are Times...

image credit to google Yesterday was not so good for me. I was trapped in a massive traffic for 3 hours. For that amount of time, I could have reached my home town. It was a fasting month and I was still in the car at around 8 pm. My mind was busy thinking about my dinner too.  What should I have for dinner?  By the time reach home, it was late. I don't think I had the energy to cook my own dinner. I drove to the nearest Mc D and the queue was damn long. My back up plan was the nearest restaurant. I parked my car in a hurry and walked in to pack some dinner. Most customers were finishing their dinner. I was told by the waitress the kitchen is closed. I unable to order anything. I feel like crying. I was getting so sensitive and emotional at that time. Being trapped for many hours in a massive traffic jam really rot down my mental. Of course, starving for one whole day added to my breakdown. I drove back home with nothing. It was almost 9 pm. I don&#

Going to Work with Flu is Selfish Act

My Rant for this month because I can't sleep at all last night.    I am writing this because feeling frustrated to my colleague who come to work with bad flu and cough. I pity him for falling sick but don't show like you so heroic or sort of hardworking. This is selfish act. Especially, he like to come near me when I have something to talk to him. Keep your distance man!  I told him to take a rest at home for  1 or 2 days. He said many things to follow up. Big problem! What kind of mind set who thinking they are indispensable ? I always told myself to do work as if you gonna fall sick tomorrow. In positive way, I will make sure everything still run smoothly even I am not around at work. Always have this kind of mind set when perform your task. Make sure you can delegate to others easily if you call in sick.  Both colds and flu are contagious and lead to symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, headache and cough.It can spread out even through air you breat

Shipping from Mizzue Took More Than A Month

Another Online Shopping Nightmare!!!! isk isk isk This time is from Mizzue. I am a sucker when it comes to sales advertisement. Damn it! I know...this is bad habit but...being an online shopping addict, I can't resist! If you one of those avid Facebook users like may notice this Mizzue FB advert video and so on. Mizzue is one of those bag famous online shopping website with good quality handbag. Their unique selling point is spacious and trendy handbag. I kind of love most their bag. My nightmare story with Mizzue started like mid July this year. This is perfect for my travel bag. I saw this Mizzue advert Buy 1 Free 1 on FB ads. I was like falling in love with it. I went back home and can't even sleep at all until click purchase. (Damn loser ,right ?) I reached office at 7:00am the next day and can't help it because my mind like fill with that bag. Gosh! Mental not so strong and click purchase. Further more, I did a review on Mizzue before, so not so w

Its all about that Raya cookies

Long time never write a random post like this.  Too many beauty review post. I also feel like wanna throw up to read my own blog. So called personal online diary. WTH! totally out of the original intention and full of advertisement. Haihhhh!!! well don't blame me. Suddenly become 'hot' blogger. kekeke.. Today is the last day of working before off for a long weekend festive holiday. I was working hard since morning today. WTH! I will be back to office on Thursday though. I have new opportunity appointment that day. ahahaha...cross my fingers and hope for luck! I won't put high hope. It suddenly came to me and to me no harm to get to know and explore if its suitable. If you are asking me what is my preparation for 'Hari Raya' Celebration. Well nothing much. In fact there is no need to prepare anything. To me 'Hari Raya' Celebration is just to celebrate after 30 days of fasting. I don't even buy any 'raya' clothings. For what? I d


Wake up in the morning. Getting ready and try to look pretty and presentable...cheewwwaaahhh!!! Chingu came to pick me up and off we go to my interview venue. Started the journey with full of positive energy. One and half hours drive after went through don't know how many ripped off tolls by this license pirate.....feeling hungry...wanna pee too.WTH! Weather was so freaking hot..and I am wearing vampire all black dress with black stockings and black heels too.WTH! Am I going for interview or black tie party??? I wear that with perception black can look slimmer...that is the ultimate motive...   It could be much easier to use federal highway to reach that place. Both unitedly decide to use that NKVE and bla bla bla highway where all those big transformer trucks used. Me keep saying...damn!!! How am I suppose to come to this place again when the road is not register to my mind. WTH! Finally reached the of course with the impatient mood and Chingu i


I am glad to be at home. No place as warm as home. Starting my day with hot coffee while writing in to my diary...enjoying 'Big Bang' song....I feel like I get my path right today. Praying hard God let me go through out today with peace! I find myself busy bee since new year 2014 started 17 days ago.... Good sign ? Bad sign? Don't know....only God knows what coming for me through out the year. I just hope..what coming is not that bad and not that difficult to handle. Anyway, I find myself going through some paid off debts time since year started. 1. My car two front tire was very slippery and almost cause me accident...end up changed 2 front tires and the mechanic told me the tire was at that danger bad for being ignorance!!!! 2. Saving somebody ....yup!!! part of my existence on earth to be that 'Wonder Woman' and rescue everybody around me. That is why I hate to be around people especially the so called human who live


Good morning!!! Today manage to wake up early rolling rolling on the bed. I have many chores waiting...OMMMAAAA!!! Ima so lazy! But no choice!!! I need to clean my 'nest'.hehehe..     Last few days the God is very 'piss off' or is God 'sad'? Either one or both , I guess... Raining like 'dog and cat'. Driver like me find it difficult to reach home when its raining. These days ,I feel driving to work and back home is like total challenge to me.   OK ...everyone who live in Malaysia how terrible the traffic jam is....   When its raining...oh..please... whatelse to tell...the car like not moving. Everyone turn into psycho on the road.     I need to go through one toll...from and to my office. One night , its raining heavily. I brave myself driving through the storm and the heavy rain. Reaching the toll...OMO!!!!!! Where is Smart tag line???? The line was like all over the place and totally 'h


If you read my online diary often , then you know how sucks is my English! Not only so called Bahasa Melayu also as equal as English suckness!!!! Damn!!!   " Tuan,   Notis Pemberhentian Pembayaran caruman Pekerja No Rujukan Majikan. : XXXXXXXX   Kami ingin memaklumkan pihak KWSP, bermula tarikh 1 Januari 2013, XXXXB SDN BHD tidak akan membuat pencaruman KWSP pekerja kerana semua pekerja kami telah di pindahkan ke syarikat XXXX   SDN BHD. Pihak Tuan boleh memeriksa rekod caruman kami di fail XXXX  SDN BHD, no. rujukan majikan. XXXXX. Kami telah membuat caruman sebelum tarikh akhir yang di berikan. Kami lambat menghantar notis bertulis ini kepada pihak tuan adalah kerana kami di nasihatkan oleh pihak KWSP , cawangan Jalan Raja Laut bahawa tiada surat menyurat perlu di hantar untuk notifikasi kepada pihak Tuan tentang pemberhentian caruman ini. Keterangan penjawab panggilan kami ketika itu adalah pihak KWSP dengan secara automatic akan membatalkan aka


Morning alarm clock singing "Ah!!!! one more minute!!!" "Three more minutes!!!" "OMO!!! I wish today is Saturday!!!!" "Oh!!! I feel so unwell today" Trap in morning traffic jam "Wei!!!! people wanna go to work you also wanna go to work ah????" " Crazy ar!!!! over take to the left then to the right????? you think you the only one need to go office is it???" " Oi!!!! why honking at me???? you motorbike only ma!!!! how much you pay roadtax??? cannot be more than mine right???" "Woi!!! take LRT la!!!" "wei!!!! faster la....still look in mirror ar???? you look thousand times also your face won't change one!!! still ugly!!!" "Woi!!! shaving your beard ar???? why??? wake up late is it??? too many hair is it?" " How I wish my apartment just on top of the office???" "I am hungry!" "What you eat???? share some la" "My butt numb!!!! sit too


Dear ants , I am very disappointed when I found out you came to my house illegally. You should at least notify me in advance or at least ask for my permission before you decided to co habitant with me. Sorry! I want to stress to you, I want to live alone. Not even an ant can come to live with me. You are small creatures that make my hair stands and my feet and arm curling. I tried to talk to you nicely and give you ample notice but you are very stubborn! You leave me no choice yesterday evening.... I executed all of you with my powerful weapon 'bygone spray'. If you have history book maybe my name will be in there. Why? Because I did this massacre. Thousands of your kind died yesterday in my house just by half bottle spray of bygone. At least you left this earth and go somewhere else. But me me me???? I have to live in the house with that thick smells of bygone spray!!! You make me sick! I am so sorry ants, that I killed you....but I think we are even


Good morning! Enjoying cup of Italian Roast from Starbucks! Totally love this black coffee. Anyway this is much better than 3 in 1 which are sweet and taste like sugar water to me. Huhuhuhuh.... this Princess starting to be big headed and bring her taste to another level. isk isk isk... Fine...this morning my entry is about whatever come through my mind. So no structured post ok. My post will be all over the place....hhahahahaha normal because my mind a bit hair wired these few weeks. I will be  away to Yangon next week. For what? I will be doing some recruitment for new set up there.Damn! I hate this the most.meeting and talking to people...most important listen...I am not a good listener though....I can easily get bored when people start talking to me. Do I like to talk....not really....I just like to observe....sounds very passive in person huh!!! My Hanoi post....still 'unfinished business'...I still have 2 more entries to go. Upload photo but thought o


It is Friday!!! I am suppose to be happy because tomorrow I don't have to drive all the way to KL office. But...hor...I am sick!!! Bad cough! itchy bitchy throat! my voice like 'shemale'...muahahahaha... I dare not talk... I went clinic...and in photo as you can see that is my tidbits for this weekend..... huhuhuh.. I just downloaded cardio exercise for this weekend It is difficult for me to jump like monkey and do the crunch like scorpions with this cough! Haisshhh!!! ruin my whole exercise plan... My weekend seems to be bleaked!!!! huhuhuhuh... What should I do???? Since early this year 2013 I was cough...just recover few weeks ago..and now its baccckkkk!!!! So??? am I suppose to be sick every month this year??? So terrifying moment!!!! Happy Marvellous Weekend everyone!!!!

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