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How I found My Misplaced Phone?

I learn a great lesson today.
Stay focus on whatever I do and don't be careless.

What happens today?

I almost lose my mobile phone forever. I was in a halfway skype call meeting with my counterpart in Jakarta when I realize my phone was not with me. I immediately excuse myself and abandoned my meeting. I ran to the toilet which I remember brought my phone there and left it on top the concrete shelf behind the toilet seat.

My phone not there!

Obviously, at this point, I panic. Totally panic to the extent not sure what to do first. Well easy for us to type out the step 'What to do if you misplace the phone?' In real life and things happen to me like today and realize you have too many sensitive information inside the heart drop.

I tried to call my phone using the office phone but it went busy tone. Then ask one of the colleagues to help call me using his phone. It went busy for the first time. Then we tried to ring it again, the phone rang this time but then it's like somebody cancel the call. At this point, it is obvious someone took my phone. I only suspect the cleaner. I ran outside again, but she was nowhere at my office level for me to question.

I ran back into my office at this point most of my colleagues knew about the situation. They now join the search for my phone. Around 5 of us by now. We knock down the next door office but that office has no female staff. So it is not possible.

We went to my own office call centre department but none of the call-centre starts work yet and obviously nobody in that office.

How to find the misplaced phone using google account?

One of my colleagues, I call him WS. He used his phone to go to this website called Find Phone. He is my 'Knight' for today.

All you need is to use a google log in accounts and you can find your phone. 

My mistakes :

1st mistake -  I was panic so don't even remember my google password. I was lucky brought my tablet with me. I log into the apps using my tablet. 

2nd mistake - I don't 'on' my location setting on my phone. So I was unable to locate the destination of my phone.

3rd mistake - I put my phone in silence. But this is not a big problem.

But WS has experienced in finding the lost phone and helped 2 people who have similar experience like mine. He told me to keep pressing the 'ring button' from the apps because as you see in the photo your phone will ring for 5 minutes even if you put it in silence. It will keep ringing super loud and no way that thief or person could silence it unless he or she has some technical experience.

We were waiting at the lift ready to go down to lobby to check with Security at the reception area. Then the lift door open two girls appeared and one of the girls know my other colleagues who join our search. They are my Angel for today. I was surrounded by Angels and  Knights! Super Thankful to them.

She was asking my friend did she know anyone name Cindyrina. I quickly replied her. I straight away said out to her, I lost my phone.

She said quickly to come with them on the 18th floor. The phone is with the cleaner and she refused to pass to her. 
According to her, my phone was ringing super loud and she confronted her to silence the phone or answer the call. Instead, the cleaner requested her to help off the phone because she was unable to turn it off or even silence the sound. 

That was where the girls suspected it was not her phone because my name keeps appearing on the display as 'Cindyrina'. She confronted her where did she get the phone and confessed she found in the 15th-floor toilet. The girl asked for the phone for her to find the owner but the cleaner refuse to pass the phone to her. 
The girls quickly came down to alert anyone of us on the 15th floor. I was lucky at this point.

Quickly went up with them to 18th floor with my gang. Frantically search for my ringing tone. She was unable to hide because the sound was super loud. 

She came out from her hiding place and I asked her for my phone. She just pass the phone to me without hesitation because all of us surrounded her. I took the phone and said Thank you to her. For benefit of doubt....i just thanks to her. Everyone with told me her intention was super obvious!

Of course, I was super thankful to the 2 girls who alerted us. My colleagues who took some of their precious time to went on the search with me. This is the first time in my life I feel surrounded by caring people for many years living alone and being living my life independently.

One of my colleagues asked me why I don't confront the cleaner?
I was dying to do so. Seriously, I was holding up and controlling myself.

But...this thing happened because of my carelessness. I am a sinner to tempt that cleaner to take others belonging . I don't blame her. She may have the intention to keep it or make money out of it. Life is tough for everyone. Trying their best to live and survive too.

I am disappointed with that cleaner. I have been smiling and greeted her whenever we met in the toilet because of she in charge of the 15th-floor toilet. I thought she was a kind lady who is trying to make end needs.

I learn a good lesson today. Thank you, God!  At least I found back my phone. Nothing to angry at this point. No one to blame if I don't find my phone back today. I can only blame myself for everything happen.


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