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Changing The Title From Retiree To Investor

  The title kind of misleading tho!😅 I used that title because can't think of anything else. I am now in my second year living as a full-time retiree. Never to my imagination to retire before 50 years old. I feel embarrassed with my title when I decided to quit my job and live my life to the fullest at the age of 46 years old. But now, I have accepted my official title with an open heart. It's a good thing anyway. Nothing wrong with not working as long as one can afford to do so, right! Far from rich but adopting a simple living is what I am doing now.  My daily routine is kind of simple. I started my morning with an exercise routine for better health. Then enjoy a cup of morning coffee while spacing out on my sofa while listening to calming music from YoutTube Music. Water my mini garden. Sort of! 😑 I don't have a 'green hand' to make my plant grow well. Ahh... But I tried my best to diligently give them water tho! I only do my house chores on weekly basis but ma

Life After Hard Works

  Those days, I used to wake up at 5am just to beat the horrendous traffic jam to the workplace. Then wait till the sun goes down to drive back with ease traffic. See? Life for me those days was like out from home before the sun up and only reaching back home after sundown. I was practically in the dark all the time.  I have no time to walk, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the birds chirping. I can do this only when travelling abroad or on vacation. So? How am I doing these days? It has been more than 16 days ever since I live at my new home. I go out for a morning walk, daily. Usually, I will wake up at 6am and will be out of the house after morning prayer.  My current place has good natural surroundings. There are two gardens inside this community. Both have different vibes. One is more to the hillside with some rubber plantation and orchard which I can enjoy the fresh air. I even can enjoy beautiful bird chirpings every morning. My house is just about a 200-meter walk from this part

I lost 3kg with Intermittent Fasting

I really glad to start Intermittent Fasting last month and it shows a positive result. If to combine my last month travelling there are few cheat days. But I was faithfully doing it for the past 2 weeks without fail. The result is kind of make me happy especially, my BMI is no longer in the range of Obese. Everything back to normal. Good news!!!! What is Intermittent Fasting? If you think this is some kind of diet then you are completely wrong! Intermittent Fasting is a timed approach to eating time. There are a few types of intermittent fasting. The most popular one is 16: 8 which is 16 hours fasting and eat your meal during the 8 hours window. As for me, since fasting is nothing new to me as I am a Muslim so I go for 18: 6. I started fasting from 6pm until 12:00 noon. In short, you skip breakfast, eat your balanced lunch and have early dinner. What to eat to make your Intermittent Fasting more effective? I started my morning with a glass of water and a cup of hot bl

Ramadhan In My Perception

What is Ramadhan to all of us here in Malaysia? It's a mixed perception. Some say this is the month where the Muslim don't eat and drink in the Public . Bazaar Ramadhan with many choices of food and local delicacies. This is the months where most hotel and eateries charge a sky-high buffet line price with feast ready to gobble once the time comes to break the fast. You can see many VIPs, VVIPs, Companies visited the orphanage and the poor with thoughts of giving back to the community but at the same time call the press and make sure get the name on the visible section possible to announce the deeds. For the first time in my entire working experience, I am placed with the same office with a Muslim friend. I find that during Ramadhan time they can't stop talking about food throughout the day. For eg. what to cook for breakfast later and this food nice and that food nice. They would excitedly ask the same question to me too. Which I always abruptly, told th

How to Stay Healthy during the Heatwave?

As I write this post, I was sent home due to a viral infection. Its all started by last weekend extreme body heat. I end up on sick leave on Monday. I survive at work on Tuesday and Thursday despite being unwell. I was not able to sleep at all since Monday and when it comes to Thursday, I feel weak but still drove all the way to work. By the time reached the office car park, I realize making a big mistake to force myself out of the house. I survive in the office for barely 2 hours before feeling nausea and keep running to the ladies to throw up which is basically nothing out from me. I was coughing until the whole body feels super weak. I also don't want to show to my colleague the bad side of me. I am such a baby during sick. kekekeke...Basically, if I am at home just whine alone. But if in the office I can annoyed people around me like hell. kekekeke I went to the clinic again and this time Doctor scolded me to be out of the home when I should be resting. Like t

How I found My Misplaced Phone?

I learn a great lesson today. Stay focus on whatever I do and don't be careless. What happens today? I almost lose my mobile phone forever . I was in a halfway skype call meeting with my counterpart in Jakarta when I realize my phone was not with me. I immediately excuse myself and abandoned my meeting. I ran to the toilet which I remember brought my phone there and left it on top the concrete shelf behind the toilet seat. My phone not there! Obviously, at this point, I panic. Totally panic to the extent not sure what to do first. Well easy for us to type out the step 'What to do if you misplace the phone?' In real life and things happen to me like today and realize you have too many sensitive information inside the heart drop. I tried to call my phone using the office phone but it went busy tone. Then ask one of the colleagues to help call me using his phone. It went busy for the first time. Then we tried to ring it again, the phon

I tried to break into others car

Last weekend ...well should I just say this happened to me yesterday. isk isk isk with my antique! I went back hometown for a night to fetch my parent back to KL for their medical checkup. My sister drove back to North. While travelling on the highway we saw this long trailer full of new Mercedes Benz car. Me : Let us hijack that trailer like in the 'Fast and Furious' movie. Sis : Merz each ya. Me : But how are we going to get up on that trailer? Sis : Just go up la... Me : How to reverse the car down to the road? Sis : What la... I thought we are 'Fast and Furious' team? Me : But I still scared la...if get caught...I think just say I am taking a selfie. Sis :  Chehhhh!!!!   ???? That's how I killed off the drama I created out of sudden. I was the one driving back to KL yesterday. We stopped at Rest area near Tapah. After breakfast , I walked alone back to my car to drive car nearer to my parent.

There are Times...

image credit to google Yesterday was not so good for me. I was trapped in a massive traffic for 3 hours. For that amount of time, I could have reached my home town. It was a fasting month and I was still in the car at around 8 pm. My mind was busy thinking about my dinner too.  What should I have for dinner?  By the time reach home, it was late. I don't think I had the energy to cook my own dinner. I drove to the nearest Mc D and the queue was damn long. My back up plan was the nearest restaurant. I parked my car in a hurry and walked in to pack some dinner. Most customers were finishing their dinner. I was told by the waitress the kitchen is closed. I unable to order anything. I feel like crying. I was getting so sensitive and emotional at that time. Being trapped for many hours in a massive traffic jam really rot down my mental. Of course, starving for one whole day added to my breakdown. I drove back home with nothing. It was almost 9 pm. I don&#

Aiyooo! Rajan

Just use your imagination to visualize when you read this post. No photo taken. This is not a long post too.  There is this one big mirror in front of lift  at my apartment lobby area. Its really hard to miss the mirror because the first visual when the lift door open is your own reflection from that mirror. The story is about this kid , who I have met without failed for almost 3 days consecutively at different time. I reached home at odd hours depend on traffic. No matter how , I met the kid again on my third night. He has this weird habit whenever he gets down from the lift. I think he is around 4 years old. My usual routine from work. Parked my car then walk to the lift lobby and press the button up to my apartment.  Ting!!!!  Lift door open and as good human I waited for the other people to go out .  Here comes.... this family with one boy. They went out from the lift. The parent walk away to the car park but this kid just pose froze in front of the mirror


I love to read fairy tales...most fairy tales I read end with...and they live happily ever after. When my friend announce she found her love and on the way to wedding thinking was like...and they live happily ever after. When my friend said her bf is getting back together with her after long ugly break thinking was....and they live happily ever after. Too naive... imagine that there will only be happiness ahead. Sadly... In reality, that happily ever after ending is just a mere single moment in a never ending story. I need to live out the remaining part of that story....and this is life story! I am not living in fairy tales but as reality's life main character. I am the lead actress in my own life story. The life story that I don't even know what moment may be waiting for me.... " Thinking Mode"

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