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Changing The Title From Retiree To Investor


The title kind of misleading tho!😅

I used that title because can't think of anything else.

I am now in my second year living as a full-time retiree. Never to my imagination to retire before 50 years old. I feel embarrassed with my title when I decided to quit my job and live my life to the fullest at the age of 46 years old. But now, I have accepted my official title with an open heart. It's a good thing anyway.

Nothing wrong with not working as long as one can afford to do so, right! Far from rich but adopting a simple living is what I am doing now. 

My daily routine is kind of simple. I started my morning with an exercise routine for better health. Then enjoy a cup of morning coffee while spacing out on my sofa while listening to calming music from YoutTube Music.

Water my mini garden. Sort of! 😑 I don't have a 'green hand' to make my plant grow well. Ahh... But I tried my best to diligently give them water tho!

I only do my house chores on weekly basis but make sure to vacuum my fallen hair every day to maintain a good environment. 

Then check on my emails and social media posts. I seldom take on any review job now because not worth my time and effort. They always demand free jobs. Always demand a selfie with products plus a review but don't want to pay. Later they will use the photo for marketing purpose and some brand even has the thick face to claim copyright and ownership for the effort. Cheapskate! My photo selfie with the product needs to be paid a talent fee tho! So, you will see less or no me doing product review now.

Starting from this year, I only accept paid blog posts or article placement jobs. Product review can be done if I like the product offer and as long as they don't request me to pose with the product.😉😉😔😉

As for changing my title from retiree to investor. How do I start this, ya?

I tried to invest in Funding Societies with the thought, why not right? They accept investments as low as RM100. I went on open my account and get my ID verification and so on. I put in RM450 from my Squid Game challenge cash prize. Ya! this is before I decided to buy a coffee machine instead. I was so motivated to invest in my money with the hope could double up by end of next year. This is just for fun, tho!

Then when I saw the investment opportunities, I feel a bit put off. The opportunities are more like funding Accounts Payable. Accounts Receivable and there are Guaranteed Investment Notes and so on. For conservative investors like me. I think long term and even question the return stipulated on the offer. To me, Funding Societies is more like the investor becoming the 'Chetti'. The return is also is not that great. The common industry listed is always the same one which is Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles. vain! I read a review many defaulters keep getting more loans from there too. mmmmm....No way, I am going to lose my RM450 to other people to enjoy just like that. Me? losing RM5 also can enough give me a sleepless night like forever. Retiree to investor my foot, la...I dream so big, duh! 😆

I pull out my money and buy self-happiness through the coffee machine. 😂kaka kaka... This is more like me, right? Wise decision!

I am already comfortable with my status to earn dividend income from my unit trust investment. Hopefully, EPF can continue to give returns like the Year 2021 so my life after 55 years old won't be affected so much by inflation.

As for now, just live life as I am now. Calmer and relax. My anxiety issue is getting better but I think social skills are getting worst. Adoi!  

Now I understand having a job forever is not necessary to be part of life. If you work and save smart, you can also live life comfortably. Just lower your lifestyle expectation and live within your affordability. Push away that materialistic mentality. Always put yourself first and live life happily.

I will just accept the retiree title with an open heart. No need to have sleepless nights to think about whether to lose money from the investment that has no guarantee. 😀

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