Wednesday, March 20, 2013


While you reading this post...
I am waking up at 5:30am to catch my airport cab at 6:30am.
I am flying out to Yangon for work.
I will be interviewing candidates for our new set up there...
I am schedule to interview them from the moment I touch down at hotel today and this will continues until night time.
Damn!!! looking at the interview schedule they set up for me is like half and hour every candidate and I have 9 candidates to interview starting 1pm....?
Do I have time to pee???
At least?
To breathe???
At least?
Language is the barrier????
Half and hour???
Is the time sufficient???
Even in Malaysia I will see people at least one hour...
God Bless me!!!!
I am now feeling the pressure for today!!!!
The next day, I will be flying out of Yangon to the ancient city of Myanmar , called Bagan.
I will be staying in Bagan for 2 nights.
I will definately rejuvenate and have time out there!!!!
God Bless!!!!
I will be back Malaysia on Sunday evening.
hahahaha...since Myanmar is so damn expensive...I am taking this opportunity..
Flight and Visa taken care....
I pay my own accomodation in Bagan and inter connecting flight to Bagan....Damn!!! it is still expensive to spend but ....WTH!!!!
Just go for it!!!!
I applied leave on Friday to extend my stay there and explore...hahahaha smart woman ...huh???
This time I will be traveling with my big backlpack tag along my back...huhuhuhuh....a bit worry with the weight...reason of carrying backpack since I am taking domestic flight...what is the rational???
I don't know...I just feel backpack is easy for single traveler like me...I need to go to I can't leave my bag behind....ah...whatever...Pray for my safe journey!!!!
When I was in Primary school, I alway eat this 5 cents sengkuang with sweet sauce and lots pf ground peanut sprinkle on top of the sauce....
So loving that you know....
That day when my first sis said wanna meet at the morning market near kajang...can't help it...while looking for them...I found this Old Time Sengkuang...
Hahahaha early morning .... consider this is my breakfast...


Cost me RM2....uwaaaaaaa.... last time ...when I small I paid only 5 sen, then 10sen then 20sen and now RM2?????
With all the branding????
Its ok...I still pay for RM2 for sengkuang calit!!!!

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