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Friday, May 17, 2013


Yeah!!! I am one woman who never give up to prepare myself to live my old age in style....
Live in style during my golden years....Oh well if God will...
If God allow me to stay breathing healthily on this earth...of course I want to preapre the best too as much as I am accumulating credit for my after death time.

Recently, keep thinking...Oh..I mean keep imagine myself still working at other people company at age of 50 years old.
OMO!!!!! hard to accept that imagination of mine...
Chinggu give me encourage words for me to take up company secretary license.
Without thinking...I bought thick companies act bible and other related books...
Yeah!!! WTH!!! and say this 3 times...
Nothing impossible...I will give this a try...

Just now looking at bungalow lot at very inner outskirt area...yeah!!! afordable price but imagine me staying there and rot there by myself....OMO!!!!

Ah!!! need to focus on obtaining that 'money worth signatures' first...then think about my dream small little bungalow...mmmmm...with tiny bit size of land for me to plant 'goguma', corns, tapioca, cabbage, chives, herbs, tomato cherry, onion,chillies and also beautiful bohemian trees all around....Whoa!!!!!

I am going to be a farmer or what now?????

So beautiful...hor??? my little bungalow in my dream???

Ya lor!!!

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