Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I don't want to wait for Chingu at the eye centre....3 hours weiiiii....do nothing???
Totally not my style!
I booked myself at one of famous hair salon called 76STYLE at bangsar outlet.
This outlet opened in March this year and their clientele I can say mainly through word of mouth and bloggers.
Their various services and hair stylist skilled also , I can say five star!
Actually , I want to spend my 3 hours by doing re touch up on my rebonding.
Rebonding craze woman....

I was introduce to Victor, my hair stylist for that day.
He keep calling me Cinderella when I told him my name is Cindyrina and I need to go off by 12. hahahaha....super fairytale freak!
He even joke around asking me about the Cinderella'rabbit when I told him its not rabbits but rats kekekekeke....funny!!!!

He told me my hair is too straight and also highlighted to me one part of my hair is badly bend badly due to over ironed and ask me to becareful or it can break.
Damn! I may lose part of my hair just like that!
He even show me the damage part!

He suggestted me to try doing digital perm.
I told him dare not because I think I look too old in perm hair.
He said my straight hair is too flat and make my face look more chubby.
If I want to hide my chubby face then I need to add more volume to my hair.
Well, first time getting this kind of sincere advice from hair stylist.
Normally , if I visit to hair salon they will start criticise my hair like too dry and this and that then start selling me their products. Not at 76Style.
I can sense the sincerity in their tips and advice to their clients.
Victor then said he will trim and styled my hair with curler later to show me how I look if I did the digital perm.

Cut the story short that day, I end up trying their Tansan Scalp Treatment and Ultra Sonic Iron Treatment for my hair.No rebonding for that day since Victor said my hair already super straight.
OK Victor! I follow your expert advice.
Then no use to get my hair more straight and flat like a pancake on my head.hehehehe.

After the treatment,serious!!!!! my hair super soft like cotton and scalp feel like new ever... worth to try this awesome treatment!!!!

Victor also very kind to teach me how to use curler so I could style my straight hair and add more volume whenever going out!
Victor also a chatty person...so not so boring... and they are all sporting and happy people there.
He also introduce me to another new girl in the house. If not mistaken her name is Sin Yee(i don't know whether I spell her name right but that how it sounds to me kekekekeke...forgive me if I am wrong)
Book you appointment with Victor whenever you feel like getting your hair beautiful.
They also allow you to book the appointment online.
So no need that calling anymore just click the buttom for Victor!

I will come again soon...This salon is my favourite salon now...muahahahaha...
They gave away hair mask samples and vouchers for me to bring back too.....this is what we call service in style!
Awesome Sunday!!! Beautiful and sexier hair style!

Morning look!!!! so dull huh?

simple permed  styled by Victor

me...with super pink lipstick which chingu hate it so much....WTH!!!
To me permed hair make me look super feminine...

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