Thursday, June 6, 2013


One of my friend was hospitalised due to eye ulcer...
Eye Ulcer???
The worst is doctor said she unable to wear contact lense anymore.
If she still insist then at own risk...OMO!!!
The saddest part she has this deep scar inside her eye ball now...and Doc said she is lucky it doesn't infected to her retina...
She can be blind... that what the doctor said.
She was suffering like hell...with her swollen eyes which left her with more than 2 weeks unable to attend to workplace.
Make thing worst she is due to start at new place new office soon.
However she is lucky to get thing save on time.
I am glad she is fine more contact lense for her...all with that innocent and nerdy look with glass....
....and I am wearing the same contact lenses like her for almost 20 years now.
I consider myself as heavy user of contact lense.
Her experience really freak me out!!!!
Who is not???
Again...with my impulsive decision...this is what I want...
So I call up this one of leading lasik centre here for an appointment.
They are having carnival...and again I drag chingu with me.
me with my appearance with glass...
compliment or what???
many of people who never see me in glass before commented...
I look like so smart people (huh??? how to response to this??? am I so stupid???)
I look sweet with glass because me minus the glass look so fierce...(again!!!! how to response??? feel flattered???)
some said...more approachable...(huh??? I am so fierce look???)
For a week now wearing my glass without fail...and damn due to never expect on this kind of glass is damn heavy...ya glass because I normally wear this in house watching TV or study.
I will wear lenses when I am outside.

Proudly sign up with deposit paid on  the spot.
At night back home cried hard after reading the online review of lasik...WTH
some even kill themselve due to bad lasik job.
Poor vision at night!
unbearable dry eyes!
 This is all in US.
Of course not from Vista la...this bad job from somewhere else.
Vista is a good company to do iLasik since many other renowned bloggers and famous people get their eyes done there!
That is why I choose them.
But ....
Now, I am in the mood to chicken out!
Second thought mode!
Deposit is refundable after completion of my full eye check up at discounted price this coming Saturday.
So I made up my mind to not taking the risk.
Go for eye check up this saturday and then get my deposit refund.
phewwwww... me with my impulsive decision and now I will get myself good quality glass and maintain my smart woman look!

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