Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Last week is Zongzi festival for chinese since my friend mostly Chinese so I end up eating this one too...
I first tried this when I was working with one of Company where the Boss wife is Chinese and my Boss is Malay. Mostly Zongzi has pork as filling but his wife use chicken.
What is Zongzi?
This Zongzi is glutunious rice fried with oyster sauce,garlic,soy sauce then wrap in with bamboo leaves and not to forget the yummy filling inside salted egg yolk,mushroom,chestnut. This is my favourite filling. Steamed it for hours until the glutinous rice soft.
Serious this is delicious because the bamboo leaves smells.
For the history you can click here because so lazy to write it here.
My Zongzi, I bought from Jusco and totally vegetarian...oh well they still have my favourite egg yolk in it at least! Cost me RM9.50 each. Bought 2 for my 2 morning breakfast!!!!
Of course need to steamed this yourself...who it it cold????
Super delicious!!!!

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