Saturday, July 13, 2013

Desktop blown up and fasting

Dear Diary,

Happy and positive Saturday morning ...bird chirping happily outside my window.
Really make me feel good to start the day.
I was up since 4:30am for my early breakfast....and fasting after 5:30am and will be having dinner at 7:30pm later in the evening. Not having food is no problem but can't drink for the whole day...feel a bit miserable.
Anyway, I keep telling least I am certain I am going to eat and drink later in the evening.
To think about those poor and unfortunate who are not certain to get any of those in life.....I feel bless and thanks to God for giving me chance to be born as me.

Yesterday, I was working late... my 'King' is in got to serve him..WTH!
Anyway, not a single drop of water or food reach me until only 9:00pm yesterday evening.
I feel sick because of my gastric...was driving back while squeezing my stomach...WTH!
Keep telling myself ...I am bless I am bless because I food and drink waiting for me at home.
Think about all those unfortunate...I am sorry for the unfortunate and thankful to God for my life now.

This fasting month..I am keeping everything simple possible. about me not writing in for quite sometime...oh well...

I am dying to pour out my feeling these days.
what to do...
My precious desktop blown up and I have to send out for repair.
Thanks God for the bless...nothing serious...just need to change power supply.
Today...yeay ...I am getting my desktop back.
Blogging from my smartphone is killing me.
Gosh ... killing my ageing eyes and fat finger too.

Can't wait to go collect my desktop this evening,yo!

This is very long....typing from my smartphone..WTH1

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