Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Simple Ramadhan Feast

This ramadhan , I didn't buy much food during weekdays.
Most of the time cook my own meal.
Just a simple one will do...for me.
Sometimes..I end up with this plain pumpkin soup...aiyoh! lazy to blend la...so just much it and swallow will do.

during lazy time...this instant porridge from Maggi become my iftar meal..I just add in sesame oil and lots of veggies in.

I normally started my iftar with some fruits like turkey apricot

and sometimes cherries...
Like Chingu said ...I have expensive and rich woman taste.
I only eat those fruits...especially the cherries which is the must have in my fridge now...
Can't blame me...this is the easiest to eat among all the fruits.
You wash it and just eat it.
It not too big like apples or pears.
It so small and I definitely can finish it1

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