Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Ok! I am back to my diary...need to record my journey before I forgotten.
Where is my Hong Kong and Macau story???
mmmm....coming coming coming..since I just came back from KK so this is fresh stories to tell.
I went to KK because my lil sis went there for free room, ok!!!
Who wanna miss this out???
Definitely not going to let this fly away.
KK not that cheap place ok!

My sis went to work.... and this BIG sis went for traveling lucky me and poor my to continue working without exploring....not even once....what to come here for work....kekekekeke

Total cost spent????
Shall I record it down here????
Why not???
* I bought the MAS Deal ticket KUL- KK-KUL at RM303/- net inclusive travel insurance.
* LRT from office - KL Sentral - office RM4/-
* ERL KL Sentral - KLIA - KL Sentral RM70/-
* Cab fares KK airport to Hotel RM30/- only 15 minutes drive ok...
* Cab fares Hotel -  Tanjung Aru Train - Hotel RM50 two way and each way only around 20 minutes
* Hotel - My sis co. sponsor
* Cab to KK airport from Hotel - my sis co. sponsor
* Day trip full day tour  KK National Park , Botanical Garden, Poring Hot Spring and Raflesia Garden cost RM195/-
* Half  Day trip North Borneo Train Trip cost RM290/-
* 2nd night spend for seafood dinner RM72/-
* 3rd night spend for seafood dinner RM52/-

Oh Myyyyyyyy...... if I were to sponsor my own accommodation????
If I were to take that Mount KK climbing trip????
Oh myyyyyyyy....

Whatever it is.....I feel bless and thankful because I have the chance to visit KK while I am still strong and young....muahahahaha so young!!!!

Back to KL...mmmmm...I need to go on very strict diet...

Excited face....first time take ERL to KLIA...ok... and alone...WTH! sis left the access card at the reception and I have this big room all by myself on Thursday night...she came back late after her dinner with local dealer.

love the bathroom...

my second night dinner is after my long journey to National Park....went out for dinner

Awesome chilli crab

awesome fried squid

ginger steam red 'kerapu fish

ginger lala soup

finish it with young coconut water

then ...third sis will be late because of her event me end up pack the seafood back to hotel....

selecting the dead one for my dinner...OMG!!! Bless..

sorry if the photo below so small...I don't know what went wrong and I am lazy to upload accept as it is...IMA very busy woman to do this again

WTH...we have this repeat photo too....I am trying to show you that chef is cooking my seafood dinner

here come the menu for final night in KK

dried chilli squid...ISSHHHH this photo upside down...whatever....don't bother to adjust this...IMA busy!!!

chilli cockles

butter prawn

wet butter crab

satisfied customer and traveller face...kakakaka ...

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