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* I was overdosed with my own Japan travel post. So I decided to re-post local travel which bring me back to memory lane. This trip to Sabah was my first trip and I enjoy exploring this place so much. I went there back in year 2013 before princesscindyrina have its own domain name.  Lovely Saturday started with old steam train ride journey of rediscovery into heart of Borneo. The British 'Vulcan ' Steam locomotive itself is unique and great experience. The engine is designed for wood burning...yes this costly yet more environmental form of steam. At station waiting to board this unique antique train. Feeling super excited! I met friendly and awesome people here! I feel welcomed. I'm not sure about you but to me this kind of opportunity is lifetime opportunity.  Cozy interior using natural woods of Sabah and great seating and dining facilities. Selfie while I can before others board the train. This group mainly Japanese and Westen


Spending my whole weekend updating my online diary...while I am imagining looking back at this diary in another 10 years time. Oh Gosh!!!if God allow me to live that long...meaning I am 48 years old in 10 years time. Sabah trip is a good trip and memorable too. I love nature by still I love all nature creatures...bugs,worms and all those animal freak me out! I love everything about the refershing smells and view while exploring the Kinabalu Park. The 2 hours plus journey from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang really worth it although tiring! I booked bus tour day trip...20 pax in the bus - Japanese,Swiss,Australian,Taiwan,Singaporean and me being the lonely Malaysian in the bus..WTH! Since I am alone the tour guide requested me to sit right in front seat of the bus. We depart as early as 8:30am and reached back to the city around dark....8pm. One in life time experience and this is wort it and memorable. Mount Kinabalu...from far! I once dream about climbing you b


Ok! I am back to my diary...need to record my journey before I forgotten. Where is my Hong Kong and Macau story??? mmmm....coming coming coming..since I just came back from KK so this is fresh stories to tell. I went to KK because my lil sis went there for free room, ok!!! Who wanna miss this out??? Definitely not going to let this fly away. KK not that cheap place ok! My sis went to work.... and this BIG sis went for traveling lucky me and poor my to continue working without exploring....not even once....what to come here for work....kekekekeke Total cost spent???? Shall I record it down here???? Why not??? * I bought the MAS Deal ticket KUL- KK-KUL at RM303/- net inclusive travel insurance. * LRT from office - KL Sentral - office RM4/- * ERL KL Sentral - KLIA - KL Sentral RM70/- * Cab fares KK airport to Hotel RM30/- only 15 minutes drive ok... * Cab fares Hotel -  Tanjung Aru Train - Hotel RM50 two wa

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