Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I start my Hong Kong Trip post with food!!!!
Well...this is so me!!!
I like food so much...
I dig on Japanese food a lot when in HK.
Fruits and other dessert and junk food is like my daily meal....WTH!

Place I stayed while in HK is near to ladies market and also fresh food market so getting food is not a problem at all.
Its a matter of how picky am I at certain time...hhehehehehe...
Lovely cherries, crunchy peaches, and sweet pessimons ...I stock all to hotel mini bar for breakfast.

sometimes I visited Japanese food restaurant...but the price was like a bomb to my wallet!!!! huhuhuhu can't eat this everyday!!!!

I went to templet street market and indulge myself with this local food...
Fried Ochien
Salty butter prawn
Seafood fried rice
This is too much for me to finish but the greedy side of me still want to order all this!!!!

I bought this dessert at Temple street night market too...
Variety of puddings from one of Vegetarian Stalls there...delicious!!1
I store this in hotel mini bar and eat this for days!!!
When you go to HK need to taste their rice steamed cake...Ahhhh...not to my taste and really not to my expectation at all....
Sushi and sushi again for my lunch....almost everyday from the sushi counter on the way to my hotel room after my bunion treatment at Central.

More lovely dessert I ate while in HK.
If you go to HK and don't try that Hui Lau Shan....then it is not like going HK.
I tried...but since I am not fan of ripe mango....mmmmm...not my taste!!!!
But I love that 'Sago' milk and black sesame puddings!!!

You see this black color up there???/
Never thought they sold this kind of food...this is egg!!!!
mmmm...no no no...I don't buy this but snap this from Sogo near Avenue Star...
Egg Tarts and biscuits which I never tried....afraid of lard!
I tried that coconut milk shake though...mmmmm...not my taste yo!

My junk food!!!
Mamee....huhuhuh RM2/pack and here in Malaysia only RM0.50!
Crunchy plum and other Aji Ichiban junkssssss...
When you go HK...you will see this kind of line everywhere at food stalls...no joke!!!!
All about getting famous and delicious food...mmmm...can't wait for Shinlin street visit!!!
Need to save up more money for Taiwan!

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