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One evening after one of my evening microcurrent treatment at Central, instead of head back to MTR back to my hotel room near mongkok.... I decided to get out to see outside the Central Building itself. That evening treatment was the most painful. Yeah.... you see my fake smiling face below???? Gosh!!!! God knows the bruises and the pain.... heart need some O lalalalalala session....   Out of the Central building.... front Lois Vuitton... Gorgio there and there and there all branded places... I got headache!!! WTH!!!     Then saw this cute adorable double decker bus...and....yeahhhh!!!! got to take this cute tram... I read it somewhere...HK have this oldest transportation call Tram and it is electric operating transportation for almost 100 years and one of the oldest. Oh..yeay!!! I just hop in one.... I don't care where this fella going to bring me...I just want clear my head from painful event just now!


How many days in HK??? mmm.... I feel I don't go anywhere at all since the weather is freaking hot. One day after my day treatment...I decided to take MTR all the way to Diamond Hill. No diamond here but the place is like a diamond in the middle of busy city. The 35,000 square metre garden built during Tang Dynasty. Serious this is like an oasis! Lovely park with unusually shaped of rocks and very very old trees, beautiful water ponds and bonsai garden.   I exit Diamond Hill station then can see bus station and next to it is Plaza Hollywood. Then just follow the sign to Nan Lian temple which require me to cross the road.   I bought this Japanese bento for my lunch picnic at this beautiful garden. I ate it near to one of those bench in front of this garden. Dare not eat in the garden scared got chase away...huhuhuhuh...hungryyyy wor!!!!   Serious!!!! Its freaking hot weather!!! Ngor beh tahan liao!!!!   My HK post is not


This is the place I wanted to visit the most....yeah!!! me with too high expectation kind of thought! A bit disappointed though....mmmmm...I love Jonker Street in Malacca better! Well...night market mostly selling antique! You can get good food here because many seafood restaurant here. But they are too competitive!!! They sort of like Seoul because they even make use of back lane...many crowded and good restaurant at the back lane.   How to go to Temple Street Night Market? 1. MTR Jordan Station Exit A. Turn right into Jordan Road and walk three blocks to temple street or 2. MTR Yau Ma Tei Station Exit C, walk along Man Ming Lane to Temple Street  


I think almost the ending of my stay in HK ,I visited this Avenue of Stars. After my evenig treatment at Central, I end up among local in MTR during rush hours for Avenue of Stars.Can't go here during day time because its freaking burning hot!!!   How to go to Avenue of Stars by MTR? Exit E of Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station then walk and walk follow the sign leeee...     What is Avenue of Stars all about??? This place is to outstanding professionals of HK's film industry and all those HK$40 million was sponsored for this place construction!   Avenue of Stars is located along the famous Victoria Harbour Waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui. This is some sort similar to that Hollywood Walk of Fame! Since I grew up with HK Drama...oh well that TVB Drama is not so foreign from me. HK industry music is much more in my head than that UK and US song. Beyond, Jacky Cheung,Andy Lau, Sally Yeh, Sandy Lam, and many more is my favourite.....Oh serious!!!!! no joke!!!! I dance


I start my Hong Kong Trip post with food!!!! Well...this is so me!!! I like food so much... I dig on Japanese food a lot when in HK. Fruits and other dessert and junk food is like my daily meal....WTH!   Place I stayed while in HK is near to ladies market and also fresh food market so getting food is not a problem at all. Its a matter of how picky am I at certain time...hhehehehehe... Lovely cherries, crunchy peaches, and sweet pessimons ...I stock all to hotel mini bar for breakfast.    sometimes I visited Japanese food restaurant...but the price was like a bomb to my wallet!!!! huhuhuhu can't eat this everyday!!!! I went to templet street market and indulge myself with this local food... Fried Ochien Salty butter prawn Seafood fried rice OMG!!!! This is too much for me to finish but the greedy side of me still want to order all this!!!!   I bought this dessert at Temple street night market too... Variety of puddings from one


Yeah...this morning went to fill up the petrol! Damn!!! I can feel the heat burning to my wallet. I don't know about others...but me has been surviving with stagnant income for almost 4 years until now. No increment! No bonus! No extra....basically stagnant! Find new job???? Gosh!!! I am a freelancer...don't you think its good enough to get some income at least rather than nothing??? I want to have permanent job but I don't like that string attached concept! But whatever at this level ....I can't complaint much because I always feel to others who are jobless...I consider myself lucky! However....... I feel the biasness....can't really say the biasness from who openly here....but if you smart enough you can figure out! During election too many cash  being paid out....for whatever reason they created....gosh!!! I am not benefited for that at all. So my wallet can't increase at all. after election....gosh too many cost hike on

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