Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Yeah...finished my breakfast and lunch Kebab!
as mentioned in my previous post...I just simply walked around without any definate destination...
I found this place called Dom Pedro V Theatre.
Beautiful place....really....
While walking around...I started imagine in the past....the people came to this theatre with all those fancy gown...yeah!!! the one like the ballroom dress...whoaaaa!!! wish could wear that too!!!!
I imagine too far to the past!!!
This is the first western style theatres in China. This theatre also was said very important since many public events and celebration being held here.
I love this place...so peaceful...really make me think back the past!!!

Macau couple is getting married soon...this is their wedding shoot!
Beautiful couple!
I manage to witness this rehearsal....they are good!!!

Thank you Portuguese Ajumma!!!
You take this shot for me!
I was in front of St Lawrence Church...then my stomach seems growling too much...aiyooo..I hungry again...so end up turn around to find food and forget about the church!

Yeah!!! me hungry again...after walking around under the hot sun...need to eat again...
Treating myself with hotcake and choco ice cream and this refreshing salmon salad...
My stomach...singing ola lalalala...full of happiness!!!
God Bless!!! Thank you God!!!


  1. Cool, i din't get to visit all these touristy places in Macau, all i remember was just shopping shopping and shopping, oh, gambling too :P

    1. Hi Ken, as a lady I feel embarrass to confess I don't even shop..most travelling is all about sightseeing hehehe


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