Monday, October 28, 2013


From Hong Kong to Macau...
I stayed 2 nights in Macau.
I took speed boat from Hong hour freaking suffering journey.
How hell I know ...I have bad seasick until the boat start sailing.
Phewwww...the whole journey was flat down on the seat.
Bad headache....holding up from throwing up...
mmmmm....seriously totally different from what I imagine...
I was alright in Phuket and Krabi....and flat down here...WTH!!!
Ah!!!! I just knew ...Guardian called Mannings in Hong Kong and Macau...

'Chegadas' is Portuguese word for arrival....yeahhhh!!! finally I am here! 
First greeting receive while struggling to figure out to go to my hotel is....
"are you philipines?"
mmmmmm.....I think I am going to receive this more starting from now!!!!
...and yes!!!
every where I go here I am philipines to people ...gosh!!!...whatever!!!
tired to introduce myself as Malaysia...I have no objection if I am philipines to all of you!
Oh! philipines who don't speak or understand tagalog...

Took public bus from Ferry Terminal to my hotel.

Those are the casinos...lets gamble!!!! yeahhhh!!!!
That unique building is call 'Grand Lisboa'

Finally, reached my place....from the main road need to walk down to small alley.
I asked the Macau Uncle inside that 'Kam Pek building'.
I thought I am going to get lost here in Macau....hhehehehe...I checked in safely!!!
Nice boutique hotel at clean back lane.

Oh! Min Zhie...came with me to HK and Macau...of course! I won't leave my beloved baby!!!
Since I only have 2 nights I am in rush to explore Macau.
Yeah!!! the greedy side of me want to cover it all!!!
Seriously, since I just after that treatment in HK...I am exhausted...most of the time!

checked in ...and immediately out from my room to find food...damn hungry!!!
It was breakfast and no lunch...except for Coffee this morning...goshhhh!!!

walked 5 minutes to the right from my hotel and found this kebab...
no a fan of kebab because its too dry...
but do I have time to choose???
need to satisfy my growling stomach...or I don't have energy to walked around!

I ate my kebab while walking around...yeahhhh!!! I really don't even know where the hell I am suppose to go...Just simply walk and walk and walk...gosh!!! all the alley seems to be up hill down hill and really good exercise!
walk straight walk right walk to the left ...haissshhhh...while walking...
I really worried I can't find my way back to my hotel!!!
Whatever....just walk...they said Macau is small Island...all I can do is ask people if I am lost..hehehehe
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  1. I think i had the similar experience when taking the speed boat, nearly puke, i doubt i will want to visit Macau using that boat again lol

    1. yeah!!! the moment I got that seasick...I keep thinking how I wish I have more money to board on that sky shuttle instead. people said travel in style...helicopter...yeah! I am dreaming!


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