Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Place I love the most in Malaysia is be exact Jonker Street...hehehehehe....
Nothing to write because I feel lazy to do hope the photo say it all....

New discovery in Malacca, Bastion Victoria...yeahhh... another Portuguese ruined but the state authority dig out and leave it for Aedes moquitoes breeding place.WTH!!!

Melaka Tree... and Melaka Fruit!

Gosh...look at the hot dogssss!!!!!

I ate this seafood grilled!!!!

That old man with the ting ting candy...yup!! that the way I called that candy!!! kekekeke... don't know the real name.

Seriously...every time I visited this place...I find the Malacca old folk are the most happy one!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Suggested itinerary for Day Four in Siem Reap :
Option 1 - USD13
In the morning visit ancient temples at the Rolous Group - Lolei, Preak Ko, Bakong and later the floating village of the Tonle Sap.Take the boat trip to the see the floating market and fish farm.
Hotel staff where I stayed don't encourage me to go for this trip.
According to them many people will try to disturb and many scammers there. So, I followed their advice and give this a miss!
Option 2 - USD 29
In the mroning go to Beng Melea and on the return visit the Rolous Group.
Aisshhh... ruined temples again???? OMG!!! although I am dying to see Beng Melea..but since they told me this place is in the jungle...mmmmm...I have a mixed feeling about this long journey and go to jungle. What if somebody kidnap me or ask me to join the guerilla ??? hehehe me with my imagination again.
Option 3 - USD18
In the morning go to the Kampong Pluk on the return visit Rolous Group.
hehehehe... I end up go for option 3. Ok... but I got very annoyed when that boat driver keep asking for tip tip tip...
I end up shouted at him on the way back...
" Bring me to the shore NOWW!!!! I give you the damn tip!!!"
After said that...of course..I feel a bit worry if he would thrown me into that huge resevoir....OMO!!!
I am sure goes my damn precious life!
Who asked me dare enough to shout at people just because he is damn annoying!!!
Yeah... it is my intention to reward him some cash...but I hate people asking me like that!!!
I felt awful...
I gave him USD5/- just because I saw his mom collecting empty cans and bottle to sell.
He must be very poor...thats how I feel.
There...there... that annoying boat driver!!!!
He also not satisfied because I don't take that small boat for another USD5 to visit the the mangrove area...he keep delaying a drove slowly and keep asking me to take one...and I keep saying nicely...NO NO NO NO ( I sounded like singing that APink Song)
View of Kampong Pluk...worth to visit...despite the annoying people I met!

see see..that waiting boat made me hesitate to take the small boat to visit the mangrove area...
They are waiting to push sale...and that I hate the most...give me a lot of stress yo!!!
I don't think I strong enough for not blowing up my temper!!! hahahaha....
I just don't want to scold people at foreign country...Oh I end up not coming back in piece...hehehehe

On the way back visited the rolous see that pink place...apparently there are local wedding going on...I can say their culture is almost similar to Malay Wedding here.

Lolei is the small ruined temple

the only one with cow statue is Bakong

I love Preak Ko the most because this place was huge like Angkor and surround with huge lake too..

amaze me the most is how the seashell and sea sand on top of this temple????
The end of my Siem Reap visit!
I will try to write on Siem Reap visit tips, the Do (s) and the Don't (s) soon.
My next trip will be a short visit to Hatyai in early December.
This will be a family trip before sending my Dad off for Surgery.
Hope he recover soon and hope he could enjoy the short trip too.

Monday, November 25, 2013


2 days of temples trip....oh gosh!!! I am sure I am overdosed of all those ruined temples by now...I decided to go easy on myself body need some treatment yo!!!
Woke up lazily on day three in Siem Reap. think I will go shopping???
Ah! me not a shopping freak when travelling....Old market? night Market?? I think I am going to vomid going through that place over and over again..basically I was there everyday every night...I saw they are selling the same thing on every stall everywhere.
Mostly Thailand and China made. Being an asian myself...all those items is nothing new to me.
I can even get it from my home country.
So shopping??? Not necessary for me.

Place I stayed near to donated every morning...full of student laughter.
If hair salon at my home country full of branded shampoo line up on the in Siem Reap i can see the hair salon with Rejoice,Head & Shoulder and many more common brand shampoo.

Found this place call Bodia Spa.
I can say whoever visit to Siem Reap shouldn't give this place a miss.
Seriously the tonic massage which give me experience of khmer lymphatic massage cost me USD36 is totally worth it!
Beautiful place and very relaxing after all those temples visit last two days!

After a refreshing treatment...treat myself with nice khmer lunch...that street vendor selling spciy dried cockles and I was told that snack is common and favorite among local.
mmmm... wonder how it taste but its too bizzare for me to taste.

got myself a half day tuk tuk and went to visit War museum.

an eye opener to me....and horrified real story on war....I can say I don't think any of us want to experience those horrible war!

I told ya froggie...danger! mines!
You don't listen....
Look at you...'mati katak'....flat to the ground froggie!!!!
God bless!!!
Oh... you need to pay entrance fees USD5.
I read in review were saying some local there will act as tour guide and tell story for USD20 fees.
I was quite lucky for having chance to tour the place quietely on my own.
I guess they dare not disturb me because I look more like Cambodian...kekekekekeke
But I being generous...end up putting in some USD into the donation box.
The least I could do to help!

You can always visit Land Mine Museum too...
It is interesting here too.
I read and watch inspire and bravery story of one man.
You can read the story about Aki Ra at
You need to pay USD3 for entrance fee.
Oh...don't forget to be generous here...donate some for the children who live behind the museum.
I donated USD10 there...

On the way back I visited angkor Market (just a small mini market) WTH!!!!
and also visited Lucky verdict on this Mall??? WTH!!! just small mall...Oh well...what do I expect in Siem Reap???

Other place anybody who one to kill time in Siem Reap :

* Cambodian Cultural Village ( i don't go because the review said this place is totally ripped off)

* Butterfly Garden (nahh...not my cup of tea)

* Royal Garden (the hotel staff suggested this ...but somehow I give this a miss)

* Killing field (give this a being so sentimental..I will end up crying remembering those who got killed for no reason.Why do I need to torment myself during my vacation!)

*Silk Farm (...mmmmm visited one of this in Hanoi...not my cup of tea though)

* Zoo (aissshhhh.... I don't even visit the famous night safari at my home town Taiping!!!)

* Crocodile farm (I don't even visit one in my country.Do you know in Siem Reap Crocodile Pizza is selling openly???...animal cruelty in the house!!! WTH!!!)

* National Museum (I heard about the fees is USD15...Oh

* Carving School aka Artisan ( visited this place on my last day in Siem Reap before going off to Airport. hehehehe this place is like 2 minutes walking from place I stayed. I went there after my breakfast. Good place to visit and I end up bought one pure silk shawl and purse..WTH)

Friday, November 22, 2013


Wake up as early as 4:00am and be prepared to go out by 4:45am.
The early hours morning wake up call is worth it!!!!

Many people waiting for the sunrise at very early hours!!!!

Local kiddo going to school...

This kiddo sleeping...guess Mum make her wake up early to open the stall...
I bought this delicious morning coffee from Lady Gaga...yeah!!! lady Gaga from stall no. 4 at Angkor Wat. They even have Harry Potter stall...WTH!!!

Monkey having breakfast at Angkor

This Monkey still looking for breakfast...

The Cat lost his love one...his love one turn into lotus stone..I guess...WTH!!!

Found this girl name Monica on the way out from Angkor is normal for those local kid trying to sell you something with a plead they are going to school.
Since found her out of other I dare to hand her some cash to help her out!
I doubt she will go to school...they can't afford to go to school..

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Day two at Siem Reap Suggested itinerary :

Option 1 - tuk tuk price between USD13 - USD15
- From morning go on Grand tour visit Pre Rup, East Mebon, Ta Som, Neak Pean,Preah Khan,North Gate of Angkor Thom and finish with sunset

Option 2 - tuk tuk price between USD18 - USD20
- From morning visit Banteay Srei then go on grand tour Pre Rup, East Mebon, Ta Som, Neak Pean,Preah Khan,North Gate of Angkor Thom and finish with sunset.

My itinerary on Day 2 at Siem Reap :

- Wake up early at 4:00am to go out at 4:45am for sunrise at Angkor Wat
- Explore Angkor Wat in the morning
- Ta Promh
- Grand tour (Victory Gate, Pre Rup, East Mebon, Ta Som, Neak Pean,Preah Khan,North Gate of Angkor Thom )
- Banteay Srey
- Thommanon
- Ta Som
- Bantey Kdei

Special interest focus tips :

1. If you interested to view sunrise - Angkor Wat or Srah Srang

2. Trees growing from temple ruins, you can visit - Ta Prohm (most famous for the Tomb Rider and Paramount paid USD10,000/ day for seven day for filming rent) , Banteay Kdei, Ta Som

3. If you interested in Giant Carvings of faces - visit Bayon, the gates of Angkor Thom, Banteay Kdei, Ta Prohm and Preah Khan.

4. Great carving details - Angkor Wat, Banteay Srey , Bayon , Bakong, Terrace of the Leper King

Below was my journey experienced and view through my camera lense...

Hope this couple have a lovely wedding!!!

I saw this kid learning how to draw...

That is not cow but buffalo..

Those kids was asking for money from me to buy food!
...while I took this photo ..I was surrounded by 3 more other kids asking for money...
Be strong are not Wonder woman to help every child in Cambodia!
Oh God!!! I felt terrible....and I wish you born me with Mother Terresa big heart!

That kid may be thinking about her future...not able to go to school and barely survive with no money for food...heart sank!!! 

Check out my sunrise photo at Angkor in my next post!