Friday, November 1, 2013


If you see the small dot on every picture....its not eye problem...its my camera finally came to final days...yeahh!!! time to change you baby!

I don't really visited Ah Ma...
I snap this photo while taking bus from ferry terminal to hotel.
Yeah!!! hand busy taking photo right after I touch down Macau land!
Don't miss the chance....I only have 2 nights...yeahhh...greedy side of me keep telling myself that...make use of every hours you have here...haiiiisshhhh!!! 'kiasu' side of me....isk isk isk

Seriously the weather is freaking hot...most of the time.
You want me to purposely stop and walk around this place???? hahaha....hell...I don't want to come back Malaysia look like yummy dark chocolate brownie.

To me...this statue is influence of both Kuan Yin Goddess and St Mary
Ok...this is to my all those religious people don't bash me, ok!!!!
No hard feeling on this, ok!
Chill out!

Anyway, on what I read from Macau Museum...

According to legend, A-Ma is a poor girl. She is looking for passage to Canton.
Many refused to take her because she look to damn miserably poor.

(ok the damn word is me being rude girl. Don't bash me here too. This my way of talking. Yeah! me the damn rude girl)
Ok let us continue the story...

However, one lowly fisherman took pity on her and get her on board.
Good uncle! Bless you uncle fisherman!

A Ma joy not for long....storm came....blew up and wrecked the whole boat!
The poor A Ma was on board and unable to safe herself.

What happened to A Ma????

....actually...I really can't remember all the story...kekekeke...

but let us just skip the whole details and go straight to the finale ...

A Ma re appear as a Goddess and the fishermen built her temple and statue !

I know I know...the story a bit out...ok ok not a bit...but totally out!
How that A Ma came to Macau and not Canton...or what ever....mmmmmm.... seriously....can't you just google it ????

I am not that nerding genius who really can remember what I read in that Museum!

hehehehe.... please  forgive  me...

My brain is too small to remember many things...

Oh! I guess... many people will start calling me small brain woman after reading this post...huh???


My Macau post still not finish be continued next week!!!!

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No harm to entertain yourself with my craps stories... right???

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