Monday, November 11, 2013



When you read this post....I am happily exploring Angkor Wat....kekekeke...
Travel again huh???
I am so rich???
Nope!!!! This is through hard worked and hard earned and after going through lots of sacrifice!!!
If I die tomorrow my retirement cash will be to the next I have now I could at least enjoy it ...right????
I am 6 ft below the ground lying dead...and my next kin will be at least half million richer!!!
They are well taken care off....if they spend it wisely!!!


You don't have to go Europe or what so ever....just choose the cheap Asian country would be enough...
If you got extra you could go to other develop not until that far yet!!!
Too expensive for me...but I wish I could reach there one day!!!
Don't stretch your pocket for the expensive...go travel to place you can afford and don't hesitate to treat yourself with trips....
You work hard to earn that money and all you could do is at least enjoy it your way....

and this is my way of enjoyment!!!
This is non harmful selfishness of me....muahahaha...

anyway....let us cut all that money craps!!!
I reached Siem Reap, yesterday 12:15pm!
I wish I could travel like Lara Croft to Siem Reap but hard work of exercise for almost a month.
Every evening rushing back to be on the treadmill for one hour. although its hard to run for one hour. My determination exceed my laziness this time. Then I added in another 20 minutes fat belly burn exercise which I downloaded from You tube.
Imagine the amount of sweat!!!! phewww!!!!
...isk isk...even the Master Cleanse Detox diet also not working at all...So sad!
Damn you belly fat !!!

even my arms seems to look like popeye the sailorman....not sailormoon...I more than happy to be able look like sailormoon.

OK! No Lara Croft...just visit Angkor Wat as me...The Princess with Stubborn Belly Fat and Popeye Arms.
Gosh!!! That belly fat seems love me too much huh?
Guess what!!!
I will be touring Siem Reap with Tuk Tuk Driver name Smarty and his tuk tuk called I suppose to response this as cooollllll or WTH!!! OMG!!!

Just wait for my update!

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