Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Suggested itinerary for Day Four in Siem Reap :
Option 1 - USD13
In the morning visit ancient temples at the Rolous Group - Lolei, Preak Ko, Bakong and later the floating village of the Tonle Sap.Take the boat trip to the see the floating market and fish farm.
Hotel staff where I stayed don't encourage me to go for this trip.
According to them many people will try to disturb and many scammers there. So, I followed their advice and give this a miss!
Option 2 - USD 29
In the mroning go to Beng Melea and on the return visit the Rolous Group.
Aisshhh... ruined temples again???? OMG!!! although I am dying to see Beng Melea..but since they told me this place is in the jungle...mmmmm...I have a mixed feeling about this long journey and go to jungle. What if somebody kidnap me or ask me to join the guerilla ??? hehehe me with my imagination again.
Option 3 - USD18
In the morning go to the Kampong Pluk on the return visit Rolous Group.
hehehehe... I end up go for option 3. Ok... but I got very annoyed when that boat driver keep asking for tip tip tip...
I end up shouted at him on the way back...
" Bring me to the shore NOWW!!!! I give you the damn tip!!!"
After said that...of course..I feel a bit worry if he would thrown me into that huge resevoir....OMO!!!
I am sure drown....here goes my damn precious life!
Who asked me dare enough to shout at people just because he is damn annoying!!!
Yeah... it is my intention to reward him some cash...but I hate people asking me like that!!!
I felt awful...
I gave him USD5/- just because I saw his mom collecting empty cans and bottle to sell.
He must be very poor...thats how I feel.
There...there... that annoying boat driver!!!!
He also not satisfied because I don't take that small boat for another USD5 to visit the the mangrove area...he keep delaying a drove slowly and keep asking me to take one...and I keep saying nicely...NO NO NO NO (yeah...now I sounded like singing that APink Song)
View of Kampong Pluk...worth to visit...despite the annoying people I met!

see see..that waiting boat made me hesitate to take the small boat to visit the mangrove area...
They are waiting to push sale...and that I hate the most...give me a lot of stress yo!!!
I don't think I strong enough for not blowing up my temper!!! hahahaha....
I just don't want to scold people at foreign country...Oh I end up not coming back in piece...hehehehe

On the way back visited the rolous Group...you see that pink place...apparently there are local wedding going on...I can say their culture is almost similar to Malay Wedding here.

Lolei is the small ruined temple

the only one with cow statue is Bakong

I love Preak Ko the most because this place was huge like Angkor and surround with huge lake too..

amaze me the most is how the seashell and sea sand on top of this temple????
The end of my Siem Reap visit!
I will try to write on Siem Reap visit tips, the Do (s) and the Don't (s) soon.
My next trip will be a short visit to Hatyai in early December.
This will be a family trip before sending my Dad off for Surgery.
Hope he recover soon and hope he could enjoy the short trip too.

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