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THINGS TO DO AT MUSLIM QUARTER, XI'AN , CHINA 1. Old Drum Tower 2. Eat at Muslim Quarter 3. Grand Mosque 4. Eat at Muslim Quarter 5. Watch Puppet show and have an evening stroll at Gao Family Mansion 6. Eat again at Muslim Quarter Ngeeeee... the major highlight here is eat and eat and eat.WTH! You can't visit to Muslim Quarter in Xi'an, China with mind on strict diet. You will not make it through at all. What you about to see in this post.....I will not be blame for making you drools in front of your PC or saliva dropping on your smartphone screen. hahahaha... Tips For non speaker who visit to Muslim Quarter all you need to know here... are this 2 words. Yang Rou - Lamb meat Niu Rou - Beef For Muslim...other than that words don't eat. hahahaha Muslim Quarter, located in the Northwest of the ancient City Wall of Xi'an is totally not to be missed if you visit to Xi'an. In fact, you will get hook by this place and will go there again and


First of all,  I need to express my respect for those who quit job and travel full-time!  I would say many people out there especially the young one dreaming to quit their job and pack their bag for a long time. But hey! how many of  us have the luxury to do that?  For those who are thinking to quit job , please consider the flip side and the realities before you make that life time decision.  1. Travelling costs money Well travel is not a free things. Even if you are super duper budget conscious travellers, you still need money to pay for it! All of us need money to live and survive in this world.  2. Fix place to come back I have read many people quit job, sold off everything like car, apartment and others just to travel full time. If travelling means you need to give up everything? What if things don't work out the way you wanted? Is travelling is a gambling sort of your life as a bet ? Even if you decide to pack you back and travelling for good....y


Suggested itinerary for Day Four in Siem Reap :   Option 1 - USD13 In the morning visit ancient temples at the Rolous Group - Lolei, Preak Ko, Bakong and later the floating village of the Tonle Sap.Take the boat trip to the see the floating market and fish farm.   Hotel staff where I stayed don't encourage me to go for this trip. According to them many people will try to disturb and many scammers there. So, I followed their advice and give this a miss!   Option 2 - USD 29 In the mroning go to Beng Melea and on the return visit the Rolous Group.   Aisshhh... ruined temples again???? OMG!!! although I am dying to see Beng Melea..but since they told me this place is in the jungle...mmmmm...I have a mixed feeling about this long journey and go to jungle. What if somebody kidnap me or ask me to join the guerilla ??? hehehe me with my imagination again.   Option 3 - USD18 In the morning go to the Kampong Pluk on the return visit Rolous Group.   hehehehe..

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