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One must remember, when you visit Siem Reap you need to be prepared to visit temples and temples and temples again. Just like Bagan,Myanmar in Siem Reap if you don't need to spend too many days to do your day trips. 2 to 3 days is fine to visit all those major temples.

Suggested itinerary for day 1 :

In the morning take the small tour to Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom , Bayon,Victory Gate, Thommanom, Chau Say Thevoda, Ta Keo, Ta Phrom, Banteay Kdei, Sras Srang, Prasat Khavan and finish it with Sunset at Phnom Bakheng - normally tuk tuk price is between USD13 - 15. Some charged you up to USD20. Not higher than that price.

My itinerary for day 1 :

In the morning take small tour to South gate Angkor Thom then visited Central angkor Thom (Bayon,Phimeanakas, Terrace of the Elephants, Terrace of the Leper King), Prasat Kavan, Banteay Kdei .
Go back hotel for shower....very very hot...don't think I can continue without freshing up first.
Then continue my tour in the afternoon...
Explore Angkor Wat and finished up with beautiful sunset at Phnom Bakheng .

Suggest to buy 3 days Angkor Pass at USD40.
You need to show this pass everytime you visit to temples mentioned for the next 3 days.
You need to line up at ticket counter and make sure you line up at the right lane.
They take your photo instantly and printed out on ticket.
I was asked whether I have Cambodian parent at ticket counter....hohohohoho..expected!
I blend with all those cambodian...but I open mouth they thought I am philipines...here we go again!!!! 

Then prepare your hat or umbrella in case you can't stand the heat.Very hot!!!
Be prepare to climb up and go dowm very narrow staircase. Make sure exercise you leg and strengthen you knee before you visit.
My one month training on the treadmill worth it!
A lot of walking and walk and walk...and climb and climb....

You can always visit temple in style like those people ride the elephant. I think the price is USD20/-
I prefer to be on foot...pity the elephant...

Why I hate people to take photo for me???
They don't even know how to zoom up...look at how small am I in that photo???
Am I that ugly to be zoomed up???
I give up asking people take my photo!

Look at how small the kid on the motorbike.... I feel unsafe for her.
Oh well...that is their life..

Monkey business behind Angkor Wat.
I was wondering around Angkor Wat twice and really love the peaceful atmosphere behind Angkor.
There is this swamp and by just sitting down enjoying the nature and the fresh air.....the feeling was priceless!!!
I love to sit there in the morning!
Not so many people!
Just Monkey and me! hahahaha

Look at that lady!!!! she really visit Angkor Wat in style....enjoying the coconut under the hot sun while that uncle walking back with fan on his hand.

next post will be the beautiful sunset view at phnom bakheng

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