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I am back!!!!!
My post start with khmer food.
I find Khmer food is interestingly almost similar with what we have in Malaysia, Thailand,Myanmar and Vietnam.
Most of khmer food cook with khmer spices and coconut cream.
As you see above picture this is my welcome refreshment when I checked in.
Clockwise :
Caramelised Banana chips, Cold Iced tea with lime, Steamed glutinuos rice with sweet coconut wrap in banana leaf.
Hospitality industry remain competitive here in Siem Reap.
Many hotel will provide you extra mile services to gain word of mouth reference from the visitor.
Place I stayed provide free airport transfer (tuk tuk) from airport, free one hour khmer massage,free coffee ,tea,banana at bar counter and everytime back to hotel after day tour they will served banana chips,fresh ice tea and fresh cold towel.
Most of staff will try hard to remember your name and chat with you.
From top :
* Morning Glory aka Kangkung (I don't know that kangkung have this glamour name in English, foolish me)
* Grilled Saba fish (this is one fresh fish)
* Cockles fried with chillies
* Salt grilled prawns

Most of their grilled served with this become my chilli sauce.
Green chillies blended with fish sauce.

weird drink I tried in Siem Reap...
Jack fruit coconut and cashew nut coconut...not my taste though!

my breakfast in siem reap is one big breakfast most of the morning....french baguette and omellete and sometimes fluffy pineapple pancake and potato fried.

Famous khmer food you must try when visit Siem Reap...
* Khmer Amok - Pieces of fish (you can choose fish or shrimp or chicken or beef)  cook with fresh coconut cream, onion, cauliflower leaf and traditional mixed khmer spices
* Cha Krueng Khmer - Pieces of shrimp ( you can choose fish or shrimp or chicken or beef) fried with mixed khmer spices, long beans, onion, green pepper and peanut
My favourite is Khmer Amok!

Sicked of those coconut cream food???
You can try seafood salad or fried yellow favourite out of these two are seafood salad...just my taste!

I never forget to bring my own snack and coffee when travel abroad...just in case...
I brought my favourite starbuck instant coffee powder but hardly drink it since the coffee here is very outstanding...seriously the taste is DAEBAK!!!!
Thick with a lil bit of chocoish taste...just my taste!
When you doing your day trip you will find the street vendor selling pineapples and mango.Try this!!!
Not that expensive you can get both whole fruits at only USD1 (you get one whole pineapple and one whole mango)
More of khmer foodies....
* Fried Cashew nuts fried with shrimp, onion and bell can eat with rice but me prefer to eat it just like eating salad.
* Khmer Curry - yeah...that orange oily color curry in photo.... this is traditional khmer curry cooked with fish,carrot,long bean,potato and fresh coconut....headache eat this one...too oily and the coconut so damn thick..taste??? just like Malay curry but the curry powder a bit light!

* Khmer saba grilled fish...I still prefer the one I ate on the other restaurant..more fresh taste.
* Grilled brinjal - I totally love this one
* Grilled squid
* my favourite green chilli sauce
* crab cook with tumeric....hhahahaha this one is our Malay yellow curry taste!

my late night can say this is our mamak roti canai here in Malaysia.
It just we don't eat this with curry here in siem reap.
You can find this similar stalls in Thailand
Abundance of coconut drink only USD1 for whole fruit.
You can always buy green mangoes and guava from street vendor and if you love baguette...can buy this from street vendor.
Since Vietnam and Cambodia was colonised by French, they have french influence in their cuisine too. As what I saw during my visit Vietnam early this year...many street vendor selling baguette with pork and in Cambodia they eat baguette with sweet grilled chicken satay and salad.

Hot day??? Refresh with delicious ice cream at blue pumpkin...this outlet is everywhere here....
Sick of those coconut oily curries???
Try this young bamboo shoot tangy sour with fish and mango salad with crispy dried shrimp

* Seafood salad
* one of my favourite spring rolls with lots of herbs in it...deliciously fresh
* Sour fish soup and rice noodles
* Fried yellow noodles with seafood
As you read this post...I am sure eat a lot during this trip???
Weight myself...thank God...maintain...I don't hope for reduce although I walk a lot for my temples visit and also waist exercise due to bumpy ride on tuk tuk.
Check out my next post... and hope the next post could help for those who plan to visit Siem Reap soon.

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