Friday, December 13, 2013


Next morning, brought my family out to have breakfast near Lee Garden area.
Took tuk tuk again TB100 for 5 of us.

since I read in the internet many recommended Hamid Restaurant for Halal food.

For 3 pre cooked cold fried rice and nasi lemak and 3 ancient tea aka teh tarik plus carrot juice... cost me TB510. WTH!!! RM51 just for bloody cold breakfast and the taste was bloody sucks!!!
Hamid Restaurant in Hatyai...over rated!!!!

in front of Hamid Restaurant, there is this man selling peanut chengmai. I bought 1 big packet  + 1 small packet for TB100. It taste fine...but it can be quite sticky in your mouth.

While waiting for Lee Garden and the shopping malls nearby open...brought my parent to wait at Mc Cafe...bought them Green Tea and me with other sisters both have some Lattes.

After the malls start ...all of us  shop around and round...

Until my mum the way my mum insist to use her walking stick to walk around instead of wheel chair. Not so comfortable for her though but the pride is above the need to just feel her pain...but nothing else to say.Hope when I old..I don't be like her. Hopefully.
Since she already in pain , I suggested to have lunch before back to hotel.

Not much choice for us ...since mum in pain and can't walk back to that over rating with bloody sucks Hamid  Restaurant. 
For 5 of us lunch...cost me bloody blood sucker price of TB1000 .
Bloody expensive pre cooked cold food again.
If I am alone...I will not spend this much just for lunch...rather eat all those street food then a restaurant!

My Lee Garden...hehehehe yeahhhh....for the sake of entertaining myself ...I bought all that..for somebody who don't shop!

Reached Hotel...all of them rest....and me...went down again for another 2 hours massage...hehehehehe..enjoying myself happily!

Later in the evening...brought all of them to floating market.
Booked tuk tuk (return) for TB500

We need to walk in to that floating market

need to cross the bridge which is still under construction...mum was suffering...walk...then she sat then walk then she sat down...mmmmm...wondering if I am old I would be the same too.
At least she has children to
All alone!!!! isk isk isk ...I rather die and face the God!

mostly at floating food food..delicious food...either TB20 or TB30. Gosh!!! heaven of food here...parked mum at one place with table and chairs.
Assigned one sis to bring my dad for T Shirt shopping and other sis to follow me to buy food and snacks.

Try the freaking spicy and delicious otak otak...serious...the spiciness can burn one butt!!! hohohohoho...

after long journey and only around 1 hour at floating market...mum is making her face again...ok ok ...time to go back hotel. According to her nothing here again...alright are the Queen...let us all go back hotel.

Yup! don't have chance to explore further at floating market.

After reached for around 10 minutes.... my sisters and I took the tuk tuk to Asean trade market again since the night before we don't have chance to explore that place.

Then all of us explore pink lady...keekekekeke heaven for men there but hell for women...
In front of Lee Garden plaza full with street food and so happening at night!!!!

When coming back from Asean Trade Market..this Tuk tuk has that karaoke system with Scorpion concert...WTH!!! the sounds like killing your ears..though!

The next morning...pack some freaking expensive breakfast...3 paratha and 2 rice with TB250.Gosh!!!!! Hatyai is too expensive for me!

I am not coming back for food!!!!

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