Monday, January 20, 2014


Home alone...and when feel hungry and lazy to drive out...I love to prepare simple and delicious food for myself. Yup! not so instant noodles fan since I am ageing this much! 
I was watching 'Appa Oddiga' one of korean variety show. In that episode all the dad need to prepare their own noodles for young kids.

I then find myself digging out my treasure in fridge...and see whether I can do some magic for my growling stomach.

Sauce mixed :
* Gochujang pepper paste which I bought from Korean Air last two years(still not expire yet ok)
* Add in kimchi juice (I always made raddish and cabbage kimchi once in two months and keep this in my fridge for my consume)
* Add in my plum juice enzyme (I made this 4 months proud of me hor!)
* Mixed all this need salt since the gochujang mixed with salty bean paste and sweet and sour taste from honey plum enzyme is enough)
* sprinkle roasted garlic sesame (i bought this from my Bagan , Myanmar trip last year...hahaha not expired yet too)
Finish the sauce mixed. 

Noodles and side dish mixed preparation :
* Boiled longevity noodles
* While noodle is boiling...cut in small pieces :
- Cucumber kimchi
- radish kimchi
- cabbage kimchi
- I added in japaleno since I love to snack this when I feel like snacking and trust me..japaleno is very sweet and delicious.
- cut one hard boiled egg (I normally bought eggs and hard boiled it then keep in fridge for my easy consume when I am hungry and lazy)

Then arrange the noodles at the center and all side dishes at the side nicely...lastly pour in the sauce mixed express kimchi mixed noodles....serious this is delicious to my taste! especially when you hungry ...don't want to go out and don't feel like eating instant noodles.

Anyway, for those who don't have stock of kimchi in the fridge.....this is not express noodles then...hahahahaha...there you to 'Appa Oddiga' korean variety show for my version of kimchi mixed noodles.

I made this less than 15 minutes and finished eat this less than 10 minutes muahahahaha...

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