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Advertorial / Press Release Placement
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Do you ever encounter this feeling?
... you don't understand why you doing something not sync with what you thinking?
Sometimes...we are thinking of something else and suppose to do something else and end up doing something else...and there you go...gossshhhhh!!! it is totally something else!!!

Do you know what is the farthest distance in the world?
Since I always end up doing something else from what I am thinking...I came to conclusion... the farthest distance in the world is between our head and our heart!


No matter how hard we try to figure out....why we are doing this instead of that and this and that and why this happening and why not that instead of that...confusing right?

We will still cannot figure out and never understand why and why and why.....

Gosh!!!! I am cracking my head hard with all this why and why.....Good Luck with your surviving mode...all!!!

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