Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I went out with Chinggu on Sunday and got some CNY goodies for me...I feel so blessed!!!
* Yummy homemade prawn crackers!
* Delicious sweet cherries
* korean seaweed
* my favourite kit kat
* Angpow..DAEBAK!!!!

This kiddo so pass out at One U Starbuck!!!
Eat too many CNY goodies...somebody dragged her out...I feel her being forced....when she feel like not getting out from her bed...hahahaha ...poor girl!

Settle with some brunch at Dubu Dubu...whatever it is that rice drink is awesome..although I break my principle and drink ice drink muahahaha

That 'goreng Pisang' auntie from SS2 got some money and set up one small kiosk in One U Street food section...not bad Auntie...you are awesome...guess this is the third or fourth generation way to continue the  family business for years.

End my first CNY outing with this Yee Sang moment... as usual both of us whispering away the Yee Sang moment... to avoid next table hear our wishes....kekekekeke...just for fun!!!!

pssstttttt!!! Thank you Chinggu for spending away on all meals...lovely!!!

Working like mad dog until my 40th birthday come....not looking back...I am going to march forward!!!!

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