Monday, April 28, 2014


Early April, I travel to Saigon with my Last Sis for first time.
Yup! first time travel with somebody after years traveling with just me.
We took Air Asia not Vietnam Airlines....hehehehe

This trip not really plan. Just one ad hoc travel for the sake feel like getting out of Malaysia.
Oh! WTH! I sounded like so rich woman huh?

Reached at Saigon Airport, we were greeted with crowds of young girl with all those banners.
'I love You' and bla bla bla banners
Aikkkksss! my sis and I thought we are like 'hallyu star'
I was dragging 'fat bag' out while my eyes busy looking for signage for 'CINDYRINA'.
My sis with her 'bloody heavy' bagpack...and she was busy looking at the line of girls waiting anxiously for somebody important to walk out from international arrival.

Me : Wei! look for my name le...quick we need to go to Hotel. Tired le...
My sis : but no your name only 'M-Tiful'
Me : huh??? vietnamese band ke?
My sis : No la...see ...see the banner! they look like kpop duo
Me : Who is that??? M-Tiful? Oh wow! they are my style!!!
My sis : Sapa ni? tak kenal pun???
Me : isssshhhh...where is our driver???
My sis : Cepat kena pegi hotel...nak google sape M-Tiful nih?

Found our driver...then in the car.

Me : Damn!
My sis : What???
Me : I should walk out and wave like star just now.WTH!!!! just miss my once a life time chance!
My sis : apa laaaaaaa... faster reach need google who is M-Tiful???

We reached hotel almost late a while then out to survey what nearest to our place.

Damn...we both so culture shock!
Crossing the road is like suicide!!!! The traffic was worst than Hanoi!
If in Hanoi, I follow local to cross the road but here the road was like 3 lanes to follow people????

I really hate crossing the road!

Both...well mostly me...I can't shut my mouth while crossing the road.
All crossing with......Ommmaaaaaa!!!!! Arrrrgggggghhhhhh!!! Eiiiiiiiii!!!! 
I have that goosebumps evertime crossing the road.

While walking towards Ben Thanh market from Hotel need to cross the big road. Everyday need to walk cross this big road and garden.

One you see that man riding horse...and flower market than you know that you are now near Ben Thanh.

Walk and sis asked me..
My sis : Where exactly we are going now?
Me : don't know...let us have that Chatime moment.
My sis: OK!


Me : Do you accept US Dollar?
The Saigon Guy : arrrrrrrrr??? 
(adooooiii!! dia nganga la pulak)
My sis : issshhh...dia tak paham la...
Me : US Dollar???? (show money and then acting like passing US Dollar from one hand to one hand)
The Saigon Guy show hand NO
Me : OK! Viet Dong only???
The Saigon Guy : card! card!
Me : (just for Chatime I gamble my card here....nay!!!! ) ok ok ...I use Dong. So...what good here???
The Saigon Guy still look puzzle.
Ishhhh!!!! not understand me le tu...
Then me show thumb up to him and show menu.
The Saigon Guy pointed out Sakura Sencha...something like that.
My sis go for Green Tea with Red bean.
The Saigon Guy : Sugar???
Me : little...
Our drinks came....
Me sip it...WTH! I just ordered???
Sakura Sencha...what is this...bitter and don't know what taste.
My nostril blooming like flower while sipping that drink.
My sis notice it...and started laughing...
My sis : less sugar some more....hahahahaha
Me : Sakura is beautiful flower but this drink taste suckssss!!!!!!!!Plain water taste a lot better!

Then we walk again...
Me : this is that famous ben thanh market .People recommended to shop here la...
My sis : Huh!
Me : huh!
both stand in front entrance...both swallow saliva...
You want both of us to shop here????
Open mouth and bargain???
What to buy?
Yup yup...both have same thoughts at once.
Our parent must be very proud to both of us.
Both really not that kind of shopper.
We don't really know what to buy or even how to buy thing if we don't know what is the reason.
Basically both not a shopper at all.
Me : We suppose to buy here? (same question like just now)
My sis : Issshhhh...I don't know how to to do this?
Me : Na dou!!! Ottoeke???? (me too!!! what should I do? - yup yup my korean words naturally came out)
My sis : But to our parent ? we need buy something right???
Me : It is must???? don't buy cannot?
My sis : isssshhh!!!! pity them le...
Me : mmmmmmm...first day only la...let us build up our courage first.Now let us go find dinner.
My sis : are right! first night only...ok dinner first.but where???
Me : We walk and find le...

After walking up and down up and down on the same street then we decided to go in this Salima Vietnamese food. Yup sis happily printed this out from don't know other blogs ...I guess.

My sis tried Chicken Pho and rose calamansi aka sirap limau (chehhh...macam tak de kat malaysia?)
Me tried: Seafood crispy noodles

finished our first night dinner...then walk out the street vendors was busy preparing to open their stalls.Yup! night market in front of Ben Thanh Market is opening soon.

Amaze with Viet people...they really fully utilise the field to the max.
Full of healthy activities.
* Martial arts (see in photo)
* Cock feather kicking
* Flutes club
* Kick boxing club
* Dance classes - samba,cha cha, tango, classic,ballroom...many
* Aerobics

Seriously. jaw dropping see how they make use of that field in front of Ben Thanh market at night.
no wonder the are thin and look fit.
They move a lot!
Not like us here...sit, eat, sit and eat and sit and eat and sleep....

Then back at hotel..

My sis : Want to see M-Tiful MV?
Me...peep in her mobile phone.
Me : aissshhh...cannot beat Big Bang and Boyfried la..
My sis : Apparently this M-Tiful Duo is very popular in Vietnam.
Me : Is it???? I go shower first!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014


Ever since I took up Public speaking....I become more conscious about my look , especially my side ways expanding body...WTH!
Yup! not to say I eat a lot...I exercise know...but ever since I skip my breakfast and just eat lunch and sometimes with dinner and sometimes skip it.
Even with metabolism seems at lower rate.

Many suggest me to take my breakfast because breakfast is very important.
Duh!!!!! like I don't know that????
I have my reason...

I wake up very early in the by car going through all those stressful traffic jam for at least 2 hours a day...and there are times, it took me 3 hours to reach office.WTH!!!!
I can reach Ipoh ledi...then another one hour ...I can say "Good Morning ,Mum!" .
Yup! Yup! I can even reach back to my hometown every morning!
What it got to do with breakfast?
You stressful going through traffic jam, make me feel no appetite to even eat light breakfast!
IMA...stress every morning just to reach office you know...then reach office also stress with work load you know... then want to go back home another stressful journey..too!
My friend told me to get myself one of those 'shake n take' blender for smoothies so I can have healthy breakfast in the car.

I look around but many reviews said the motor won't work la..this la and bla bla bla..
Cheap also need to make sure thing can use right?

After shopping around for easiest portable blender. Then found this website .
Hesitate at first! Price not bad! reasonable....ahhhhh...gamble la..
Then...WTH...just try my luck.
I registered myself as member at , then receive RM10 voucher.
Found myself travel blender for delicious smoothies at
I immediately bought 2 units at RM50/- each + FREE Shipping and deduct out the RM10/- voucher I gotten for register as member. 
hehehehe...2 units of below picture travel blender for only RM90/-.
Good buy..weiiiiiiii...Can pay use credit card,bank transfer and even pay cash during deliver. So easy huh?
The best was so efficient handling my order.My order was confirmed like few minutes after payment made.WTH!
I purchase on Sunday evening and I received my items on Tuesday afternoon. WTH!!!! 
Whoaaaaa!!!! so good huh?
Even my friend was impressed!!!

Item work well ...for me and I already enjoying my first smoothies which is honey dew+rock melon+honey+ milk = delicious=yummilicious!!!!!   

Don't know about the other unit...because that one suppose to be given to Chingu later.

This weekend  must buy my favourite berries.....can't wait!!!!!!

So ...tunggu apa lagi??? Go register yourself at and grab that RM10/- voucher!
Then you can online shopping until you fall off the chair...kekekekeke...

You think this is advertorial is it??? I got paid for promoting is it?
I don't get anything from them, though!
This is just a mere satisfied customer review and sharing is caring!



Thursday, April 24, 2014



When I was writing this entry....hahahahaha...the feeling was like...YEAYYYYYYY!!!!
Its over...its over!!! 

Some of you thought that I am taking my Doctorate?
wink! wink! I wish I could afford to pay for my Doctorate.
Can't blame you for thinking I am studying for Doctorate...because I am so Drama Queen!!!!
hahahaha GOT YA!!!

 I hate public speaking but I dare myself and signed up for this course called Train the Trainer under MIM-PSMB.
We were taught how to design a workshop and bla bla bla...basically preparing yourself to be a Trainer.
Then can 'cari makan' a bit become management consultant plus do some training for other company who wants me to train their staff. I wanna retire in style from my office work then go from company to company and just talk and talk and point here and there get people to do all the jobs...muahahahaha...WTH!

This photo is my presentation slide cover.
Yes! I choose the topic THE COURAGE TO MANAGE DIFFICULT BOSS for my final assessment.
Nice or not???
Smart or not?
I creative or not? hehehehe...everybody wa 'WOW' see my show.
I talk and talk and talk...give my best funny act and showmanship hehehehe got showmanship all miss my show hor!
Eye contact is important too.
My heart beating very fast dup dup dup dup dup like 'kena' chase.

Well...they gave us only 25 minutes. 20 minute got one loud bell rang..WTH!
5 minutes 2 rangs...if exceeded..they deduct 20 marks just like that WTH.
 Since it is my specialty talk very I just go for it as long as I finish my show soonest possible.

I was the no. 4 presenter for the day out of 15 candidates.
I got that no. 4 ...I feel like...haissshhhh!!!! 'ngor sei ler'.
Serious 'suwei' number!
Why? why?  what happened?
I was talking passionately...full of spirit...then I notice all my audience like jaw drop face and some I can sense they have that question mark face. Their eyes not on me...WTH!
I notice they we looking at my slides show....
I glance my eyes to peep on what is happening to my super power slide show....
My super power slide show was having its own show...WTH!
It keep moving by itself as if it was having its own show...yeah! I noted that I was talking very fast but my slide show seems like dying to win over me.
It ended faster than my presentation.

So .... I am facing crisis huh?
PANIC!!!! for awhile....then I face back my audience with a smile ....and I glance to the assessor (pray hard don't minus my mark... please!!!)

'Ottoeke'! (OMO! my korean word came out naturally...chewaaahhhh!!! like I can speak the whole sentence in korean muahahahaha). hope nobody hear that...
Then I presentation with my slide show print out copy...I go bla bla bla bla bla...WTH!!!
This happen like 6 minutes before my show end...

What is the live comment???

Yup yup...this is like American Idol or Malaysian Idol kind of reality show....

The comments I received...

" Very enthusiastic presentation! good engagement with crowd and eye contact! have some crisis in the middle but luckily you manage it well with your print out and continue to the end "  (my heart goes...that stupid notebook of mine...I shall throw you to the dustbin when we back home, That fella!! Naughty naughty notebook....lucky IMA so smart printed out the slideshow for backup)

"You are talking too fast but very clear! Luckily!"  (my heart goes....hello!!!! time is chasing after me like mad dog you know?)

"Creative design and can share more experience but ...may be due to time constraint!''  (my heart goes... kekekeke...ehem ehem...I know I know..I am so creative and innovative type! whoaaaaa!!! seriously, I did the rehearsal at home like countless time and no way for me to share experience with that time limit.If I start talking, hahahaha...the rest of other presenter will never get their chance muahahahahaha)

" Overall! good presentation! (my heart goes...make sure you give me good mark hor?)

"Give her a big hand!!!" (my heart goes like....I just love this feeling!!! kekekekeke everybody!!! you should shout out loud ENCORE! ENCORE! muakssssss )

The actual result...only be out in another 2 months time...why??? The ultimate decision maker will be the PSMB. Huh? I have to anxiously waiting for another 2 months???? uwaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

So bad!!!! I hate waiting like this!!!!

God!!! please let me get the Certificate!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I have been neglecting my diary for quite sometimes...
huh...not that I don't have anything to pour in...
I am dying to...
I am currently in nervous wreck mode!
Serious!!! my butterfly in stomach already started although my presentation on 23rd April 2014.
WTH!!!!! so long....
I keep practicing...again and again and again...but I am too 'chonghei' and most of the time exceeded the stipulated time which is 25 minutes.
My timing out by 2 minutes...DAMN!!!!
I need to keep it simple. short and sweet!!!

Haishhhh!!!! I pray hard that butterfly don't become the cocoon during that presentation day...if it turn into cocoon..DAMN!!! don't think I have anything to say when it is my turn for assessment.
Goshhhh!!!! hope God give me more strength that day!

My presentation title will be more towards 'soft skill' which is 'The Courage to Manage Difficult Boss'. 
This .... to be presenter...sort of not really have much Courage...isk isk isk...

Jia you! Jia you!!!
Aja aja fighting!!!!

Wait until my presentation is over...then I will update my Saigon trip...

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Again today people ask me on why I am still single?
Goshhhh... why are they so curious?
Its normal for not married these days...boooyyyahhhhh!!!!!

THAT FELLA : Why are you still single?
Me a bit taken a back but still remain calm.

ME : life getting married is part of life but not that important in today's life.

hahahahaha.....that fellasss gave me a big laugh.

THAT FELLA : Don't you ever feel like you want to settle down especially at this age?

Damn you!!!! is getting married is something to proud off to this spinster in front of you????
Yeay heart start cursing him badly and seriously if that moment is not an interview...I would have walk out and give him that 'bloody hell face'!

ME : Oh well...we all human have own preference though. Some people get married and divorce, many get married and have love many other people at the same time, many live happily ever after too. Many prefer to live alone too.  I would marry somebody if I found the right person long time ago. But I choose to work my butt off and totally forgotten about getting to know people and tie up partnership with somebody in life. By the time I realise it....I am at that due date stage then its too late. At this stage the 'so called potential' either a married man or just some moron who wish to spend my hard earned retirement savings. Why would I want to mess up my life when my current life is totally full of happiness???? Getting married just to satisfy the community and get rid to answer this type of question???
mmmmm... I don't think I want to live my life like that. My life is my responsibility not others. If anything bad happen to me ....people around would just help me with words but that won't help me much because I am the one who is going through that pain.
Hope my answer satisfy you...I am cool!!!! hehehehe

THAT FELLA ...hehehehe...speechless and ask me another question then.

Padan muka kau! Seriously , that was too personal question for a spinster like me.
What make they think a spinster like me don't live my life happily...WTH!!!!
I am so so panas hati weiiiiiiiii....

Can't you ask me more relevant question...

Its not like I am not normal just because I am still single at this age...WTH! Damn you pathetic loser!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Yeay! today is my final class.
I have done my presentation slides and now just need to REHEARSE REHEARSE AGAIN AND AGAIN for 23 April 2014 presentation.
My public speaking is so 'damn terror' so need to work harder le.
Guess what?
My super solid not so loyal netbook battery sadly announced died last night.
More money to spend for new battery. Hopefully less than RM100.

Just now met my ex boss for lunch.
He called me out to see if both of us could work together again.
Just for lunch...why not?
He is my great 'SIFU' after all!
He choose Nando's and I am not chicken so healthily...salad!
Whoa!!!! I am so bloody healthy today?
Early morning drink fruits and veggies juice and then half of sweet pears.
Lunch salad...dinner????
muaahahahahahaha... I whack 'nasi lemak'with sunny top egg.WTH!!!!
kekekekekeke...blame myself for not losing weight...I am so evil to myself today.

Talk about my ex Boss...he is still the same.
Preaching is his passion.
He was preaching the same old stories from 1pm - 4:30pm to me just now.
My bladder harden until feel like exploding.WTH!

'Dejavu' reminded my old days of 4 years ago.

I know its suffering moment but can call me psycho...I love to listen to him preaching and learn a lot from him.

He is still the same without any team.

I wish him luck le.... nothing much I can do to help him.
I wish to help but......... I want to live happily too! :)

Next week flying out to SAIGON!!!! WTH!
When my ex Boss keep asking me to invest on property and I being the 'Devil' ...keep encourage him to travel out frequently and enjoy the cash he has. Balance up your life are not going to live forever to enjoy that!
He has fear to take flight!

He should try bungee jumping to get rid of that fear!